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Swoscom Web Hosting Review: Your Business Deserves Really Good it Support.

About Swoscom

The right cloud services are a prerequisite for the business to function optimally. Swoscom Microsoft 365, Azure and Google Workspace are cornerstones that provide stability and flexibility. Framework that governs the IT environment with processes, security principles, reporting, and monitoring ensures that the business is safe, flexible and provides power for growth. A well-thought-out strategy for the purchase, operation and maintenance of IT equipment together with end-user support facilitates the daily work and makes the business run smoothly. Either you contact and they deregister the computers from the service.

The software is then automatically removed from your computers and they no longer have access. Alternatively, you uninstall the agent yourself, then the computer will be deregistered from the service. Please note that when you uninstall yourself, alarms will be sent that a user has removed programs and this may cause unnecessary support calls. So let know before you remove the clients. After the initial 90 days are up, the service will be paused for 30 days before delete registrations and data. They will contact you in good time before the service ends to discuss whether you want to continue or not.

Some Quick Facts Swoscom Web Hosting

SwoscomBasic Details
Hosting NameSwoscom
Email SupportN/A
Call Support040-690 50 00
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Swoscom Price

Better It Support

Building IT platforms with cloud services is a completely different world than doing it on your own hardware. While it is easy to start up cloud services, it is also very easy to lose control when all IT is made available over the internet. Swoscom it is about finances, architecture and security, but also about everything around, such as IT equipment, life cycle management, availability and so on. There are many parameters that need to be right to get a good and secure platform in place. Your approach to helping your customers achieve the full potential of cloud services without losing control is your 7 pillars.

The pillars give the opportunity to go through all aspects of modern IT support in a structured way and avoid the most common traps. Feel free to contact for a quick analysis of your current situation. Swoscom understand the nuances of the cloud and therefore guide you to the right cloud services and then ensure that introduction, use, management and development take place with a focus on growth, flexibility and security.

Software As A Service

Collaborate smartly, intuitively and integrated with SaaS services such as Office 365, Google G-Suite and our own services. Swoscom individually or in combination. Facilitate computer maintenance and support for users working from home due to Coronapanedmin. Right now free of charge! With Managed Computer, stability is created in IT operations when internal resources are relieved from administering, managing and maintaining home workers. The business frees up time to focus on the continuation and development of the company instead of conducting IT support. When users move out of their offices, new work environments arise with new challenges to solve. They also support mobiles and tablets.

What Does It Cost?

Swoscom offer the service for handling the computer completely free of charge for the first 50 computers during 90 days from registration, regular price is SEK 75 per computer per month. More than 50 computers can be installed, but excess charges may then apply. The management includes set of controls, automatic actions and updates. Customized measures and support matters are charged at SEK 160 excluding VAT, per 15 minutes. When the 90 days have expired, the service ends automatically unless otherwise agreed. They will contact you some time before the service stops working to discuss a possible continuation.

How Do they Get Started?

Click on any of the buttons on the page to “Get started right away!” Fill out the form, agree to terms and privacy policy. Swoscom submit the registration with the register button. After a few seconds, you will receive a message that the registration went well together with a unique link to the software that you need to install on all the computers you want to manage.

Download the program and install on the computers, alternatively copy the link and send it out to the employees who can easily install the program themselves by starting it. Swoscom installation completion message appears. When they see that you have started to install the client, they will contact you to set up rules and updates.

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