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Yesilbeyaz Web Hosting Review: Website with Admin Panel.

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About Yesilbeyaz

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) provide clear value to art and other creative mediums: provenance of ownership and authenticity. With participation from powerhouses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, digital fine arts in the form of NFTs are here to stay. And in the development of this new space, what should be the focus? Creators. Curators. Collectors. Community. SZNS introduces the concept of Albums, where artists/creators and curators create collections of NFTs for others to invest in a social gallery experience.

Each Album has its own token that represents ownership of the NFT collection, and collectors can support their favorite artists and curators while interacting with each other in a fun NFT collecting experience on the SZNS platform. Seasons (styled SZNS or szns) is an NFT platform to bring all those actors together. With SZNS, Yesilbeyaz want to build community-driven tools that provide solid infrastructure to the entire NFT ecosystem, combining crypto-incentive structures, social media tools, and digital content management.

Some Quick Facts Yesilbeyaz Web Hosting

YesilbeyazBasic Details
Hosting NameYesilbeyaz
Price₺250 /year
Call Support[0224] 224 18 20
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High-value NFT collections

SZNS introduces a permission less way for anyone to create an index of a curated collection of NFTs – a first of its kind project empowering creators, curators, and collectors alike. As the NFT space matures, they begin to see not only a growth in NFT creators, but curators who have an eye for collecting high-value NFT collections. A curator can use infrastructure built by the SZNS platform to tokenize not just one but a collection of NFTs. By extension, collectors can consume, collect, trade, and participate in owning an album of uniquely grouped /tailored NFTs created by curators and collectors all over the world.

Rather than purchasing individual NFTs or investing in a single, fractionalized NFT, collectors can now gain exposure to a specific creator/ curator’s entire collection. Yesilbeyaz envision a variety of use-cases for Albums and how future developments of the protocol can open up new interactions between various NFT users from creators to investors. For example, Albums open opportunities to function as DAOs where owners of an Album token can create a community around their collection. They are excited by this future and will develop a suite of features that facilitate meaningful interactions between NFT creators and collectors.

NFT collectors

Previously NFT collectors were limited in their ability to unlock the value of their NFTs. An NFT collector is anyone who enjoys and participates in the purchase and keeping of NFTs. With SZNS, any NFT collector or holder can create an Album to allow others to expand their collection, while giving them the ability to obtain liquidity without forfeiting complete ownership of their precious NFTs. From an investing perspective, an NFT collector would come to SZNS to gain exposure not only to the underlying NFTs themselves but also to other NFT collectors/curators, much like how one would invest in a good fund manager.

NFT creators and artists

An artist or creator now has a different way of attracting collectors and investors. When artists today earn income via sales of their art, they usually forfeit the appreciation of their work and are ill-equipped to capture its upside. Now with SZNS Albums, an artist can group their art into a collection and let people all over the world invest in the collection.

They retaining a certain portion of ownership of the Album, the artist can now capture the appreciation of their works. In effect, SZNS Albums allow artists to invest in themselves. Instead of selling each piece individually, creators can deposit their NFTs into a Album based on a particular theme and let people all over the world invest in the collection.

NFT curators

Curators play a role in separating signal from noise in the overall NFT ecosystem and help collectors understand the value of their collections. An NFT curator is a collector who manages a specific collection of NFTs to be interpreted and positioned as valuable in the overall NFT marketplace. Anyone now has a chance to make a name for themselves as a curator who has an eye for selecting desirable NFTs.

Yesilbeyaz understand that not every Album created will be popular or even achieve notable levels of liquidity. They even further to say that’s okay and great! They want to create a platform that enables and gives the opportunity for all to make a name for themselves. Each curator who creates an Album is tasked with the onus of attracting co-owners and investors, which is no small feat.

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