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Integrator Web Hosting Review: Quality and fair price.

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About Integrator

Integrator provide not only hosting, but a set of exclusive tools to facilitate your work and expert support in various areas to understand your business. Your mission is to be the best content management and hosting company for the WEB environment with all the necessary support to allow your customers the most competitive advantages for their business. Access, change and/or copy files or even make a simple attempt to obtain a password and data from third parties, without prior and express authorization.

Integrator Sending collective e-mail messages (spam mails) to groups of users, offering products or services of any nature, commercial or not, that are not of interest to the recipients or that do not have their express consent. Violate third party copyrights or any rights related to intellectual property.

Some Quick Facts Integrator Web Hosting

IntegratorBasic Details
Hosting NameIntegrator
PriceBRL 7.96 /month
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Integrator Price

Computer System

Disseminate and/or transmit racist, pornographic, pedophilic or any other messages and/or content that violate current legislation. Make a simple attempt, access or carry out any form of unauthorized control of a database or computer system at Hotel da WEB and/or third parties. Integrator is prohibited from performing acts contrary to the law, morals, good customs, as well as the uses and customs considered reasonable and normally accepted in the Internet environment, such as, but not limited to.

That the Integrator when acquiring a service administration, wants the CONTRACTOR to manage the use of the panels and errors that it presents, as long as they are installed, being alerted, from now on, that there are limitations arising from this service, causing restrictions on the use of the administrative support that must be observed to preserve the correct relationship of the contracted service. Such situations are not always listed in this document, as they are technically based. It is up to the user to inform himself about all the technical limitations he wants, whenever he needs it.

Specialized Professionals

Integrator is aware that the value of this contract is R$ 449.90 monthly (four hundred and forty-nine reais and ninety cents), whose service can be canceled 30 (thirty) days after its acquisition. Alternatively, the annual payment will cost BRL 4,798.80 (four thousand, seven hundred and ninety-eight reais and eighty cents) divided into 12 (twelve) equal INSTALLMENTS of BRL 399.90 per month, which refers to the period of 12 ( twelve months.

The CONTRACTING PARTY, since the signing of this AGREEMENT, clearly understands that the TOTAL INSTALLMENT amount, in case of payment with annual periodicity, is the dilution of the hourly rate of our most specialized professionals, whose services are based on an internal price evaluated per hour. The Integrator, when performing a service request within the scope of this document, at any time of the month, will not have, at all, the cost/hour of your specialized professionals thanks to this dilution of administrative value.

Complementary Services

Emergency calls are those that indicate the unavailability of some internal service of the machine. Third-party applications and the behavior they perform, as well as troubleshooting security issues that occur through them, are the responsibility of their creators. As an administration, they just take it down and report the problem, as well as prevent it from spreading to other services on the machine.

As well as in whole or in part, the optional services mentioned in the preamble of the present, at the time of the celebration, or later by written request, by email. The complementary services will be charged in the first payment due after the request for this complementary contract, becoming an integral part of the object of the contract.


Everything you do in your virtual machine, in terms of installation and custom configuration, you will have to ask, as long as it involves root access in the full administration of the service. Integrator moment you start the process of your support, when the financier confirms the payment, you will no longer be able to access the machine as root without your authorization. Only your support is intended for such use, and disobedience will cause the termination of the contracted service.

Some situations may be denied in the Integrator Administrative support. Cases such as customization of settings that involve php.ini, .htaccess, Perl, all for the particular effect of the client in a given situation created by the same, in which it is aimed at satisfying the desired effect in a stage of its development, which will be harmful to the proper functioning of the installed panels, the machine or safety in part or in whole.

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