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What Is Xstable Protocol (XST)? Complete Guide Review About Xstable Protocol.

What Is Xstable Protocol (XST)?

Xstable Protocol are the products. They are tokenized indices, baskets of assets represented with one easy-to-manage ERC-20 token. All pies are fully backed by the underlying assets, redeemable at any time. They can be built either as Balancer Smart Pools or PieVaults. In the case of Smart Pools, the tokens are used in an automated market maker which maintains their set percentage allocation as users interact with the liquidity pool. Swap fees from interactions with the pools are gathered for pie holders, constantly growing their balances.

Xstable Protocol can be seen as the next generation of products. Instead of being fixed percentage AMMs, Vaults actively employ each of the underlying assets with a yield-generating strategy. Strategies employed can be staking, lending, and much more. Vaults bounce between strategies, maintaining the highest possible yield as rates fluctuate.

Profits realized by the Vaults active strategies accrue to the token, requiring no action and incurring no gas fees. The first Vault was YPIE, providing complete exposure to the Yearn Finance Ecosystem. USD is the second Vault, engaging in five stable coin farming strategies and netting holders a predicted passive 18% APY.

Xstable Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameXstable Protocol
Short NameXST
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply3,570,480
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Net Asset Valuation

As pies are fully backed by the underlying assets, which means they have an intrinsic value equal to the value of the tokens they represent. This is known as the Net Asset Value, and can be seen on the page of each individual pie. Every pie can be minted or redeemed at this value, at any time. Over the last year Decentralized Finance has exploded, with many new financial tools built on Ethereum.

DEFI Index Pie is the most diversified DeFi index on the market, aiming to provide the broadest possible exposure to this rapidly growing industry. To achieve this included both large and small market cap projects, with a focus on market leaders and innovators. The pie is composed by 14 tokens that represent large and small cap projects within the DeFi ecosystem.

Market Price

Pies are also freely traded on both centralised and decentralised exchanges, enabling the price of a pie to fluctuate above or below the NAV. The difference between the NAV and market price is displayed as either a premium or discount, and can create an arbitrage opportunity. This is the mechanism by which the peg is maintained.

Streaming Fees

All pies are subject to a streaming fee that is applied continuously to DAO products. For AMM pies this is 0.7%. Xstable Protocol like YPIE that have built in productivity have a 1% fee. This fee is directed to the DAO treasury, to be used for further growth as determined by DOUGH holders.

Swap Fees Swap fees are earned by pie holders, providing an additional income. Because first pie smart pools are Balancer AMMs (automated market makers) they constantly rebalance to maintain the set allocation as users interact with them. This 1% fee is accrued by all holders of the pie smart pool token, with the underlyings constantly growing.


Balanced Crypto Pie is all you need, it provides complete exposure to what Xstable Protocol community believes are the core must-own assets in cryptocurrency, an even 33.33% distribution between $BTC, $ETH and DEFI. The underlying assets in BCP are constantly taking profits and growing your holdings as it automatically rebalances to maintain the set allocation.

Don’t sleep on the underdog. DEFI+S gives exposure to lower marketcap projects that have incredible potential for future growth. These projects are tackling a wide range of vital issues including scalable layer 2 decentralized exchanges, cross-chain DeFi composability, and decentralized contracts.


Yearn Finance Ecosystem Pie provides complete exposure to the growing Yearn network. YPIE is a Xstable Protocol, unlocking extra capabilities and active strategies. Meta governance, staking, lending, and interest-bearing assets are enabled by default and operate in the background without requiring any extra work from the pie holder. These revenue streams continually cause YPIE tokens to appreciate in value, redeemable for a greater share of underlying assets over time.

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