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WEIcrypto Airdrop Review: To Win 100 WEI Coins

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About WEIcrypto Airdrop

WEIcrypto Airdrop – is an innovative ecosystem based on blockchain technology aimed at technological changes in the global financial system.

The task of WEIcrypto is to make cryptocurrency as convenient means of payment as a fiat money, without losing the advantages of decentralization.

In its ecosystem, WEIcrypto Airdrop offers a number of solutions, some of which have no analogues in the traditional financial sector.

Token NameWEIcrypto Airdrop
Total ValueN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the WEIcrypto wallet for Android/IOS.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Retweet this tweet with the message “We are WEI @teamweicrypto #WEIcrypto” and submit your WEI wallet address in the comments.
  5. A total of 6,500 participants will be selected to win 100 WEI coins.
  6. The winners will be announced on November 2nd.
  7. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article.

A new look at modern financial systems

WEIcrypto Airdrop – is a decentralized financial platform for individuals and business. The world’s first project that allows to mine coin by making purchases and sales. The world’s first project providing interest-free loans for business based on the principles of risk sharing and decentralization. The world’s first blockchain wallet that competes in functionality with online banking.

What is WEI?

Today, cash can surely be called the most anonymous, simple, and fastest means of payment. However, cash circulation has significant disadvantage. Since ancient times, some generals have used counterfeit money in the already conquered territories to undermine the economy and weaken the defeated objects. The decentralization of the WEI cryptocurrency means that it cannot be counterfeited, and the algorithms developed by our team allow preserving the fundamental advantages of cash – anonymity, simplicity, and speed

Fast and anonymous transactions 

The built-in Private- and Instant Send mechanisms allow you to completely depersonalize the parties to the transaction, while significantly increasing the speed of transactions. By mixing and using indistinguishable standard amounts (for example, 0.1, 1, 10 WEI) in the PrivateSend function, the ability to track who originally belonged to the funds received on the account is reduced to zero. The InstantSend function allows cryptocurrency holders to make instant transfers: the transaction is confirmed even before it is entered into the blockchain, which makes WEI an everyday means of payment.

Simplicity of Mining: PoW, PoSe and WEIback

WEIcrypto Airdrop paid special attention to the methods of WEI mining, because we know what kind of load the Proof-of-Work algorithm has on the ecology of our planet. Using the Proof-of-Service algorithm, the user can participate in the distribution of miner rewards while ensuring the operation of the PrivateSend and InstantSend algorithms.

The WEIback algorithm allows you to mine cryptocurrency in the simplest way: by making sales and purchases. An individual who paid for the goods by WEI and a legal entity who accepted WEI for payment receive up to 2% reward to their wallets within the WEIback system. So, WEI allows you to earn money by spending and accepting payments.

Meet your benefits with WEIpay wallets

Easy ways to transfer WEI

WEIcrypto Airdrop Transfer funds to your family or friends, not only by entering a wallet number or scanning a QR code, but also by a phone number or by attaching your device to the NFC tag.

Earn by making purchases

Earn up to 2% from the transaction amount by making purchases in WEIcrypto network partners. 

Transaction speed

WEIcrypto Airdrop Make instant transactions all around the world. WEI payment takes no more than a few seconds to confirm the transfer.

Decentralized storage

No one but you have an access to your wallet. Only you are responsible for your funds secure.

How to start?

Download the app

WEIcrypto Airdrop Download the app to your iOS or Android device by using the following buttons.

Choose the account type and follow the inner instructions

Choose which account type you would like to create: individual or company. An individual account is for everyday private using. With company account you will be able to get a loan in WEIpartner loan service. 

Take care about security

Write down on a piece of paper login details of your company account and unique 12 words of individual account, for security reasons – store them out of the computerNote for individual account owners: we can’t help you with your waller recovery in case you lost your 12 secret words, as we don’t store them.   

Send and Get WEI

Use “Send” and “Get” buttons to make transactions with WEI.

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