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Conic Finance Airdrop Review: Is An Easy-to-Use Platform 

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About Conic Finance Airdrop

Conic Finance is an easy-to-use platform built for liquidity providers to easily diversify their exposure to multiple Curve pools. Any user can provide liquidity into a Conic Omnipool which allocates funds across Curve in proportion to protocol controlled pool weights. This is airdropping 10% of the total supply to CVX holders. Users who had staked at least 3 CVX (vlCVX) tokens by the snapshot time are eligible to claim free CNC tokens.

Token NameConic Finance Airdrop
Total Supply10% of the total supply
Airdrop EndN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Conic Finance Airdrop airdrop claim page.
  2. Click on “Terminal”.
  3. Type -> help -> connect.
  4. Now connect your wallet.
  5. Now type-> airdrop.
  6. If you’re eligible then you will be able to claim free CNC tokens.
  7. Users who had staked at least 3 CVX (vlCVX) by the snapshot time are eligible to claim the airdrop.
  8. The snapshot was taken at a block height of 14,494,800.
  9. The claim will end on October 4th, 2022.


Conic Finance Airdrop aims to allow users to diversify their exposure across multiple Curve pools with a single asset. Specifically, enabling users to deploy their asset (e.g. ETH) to multiple Curve pools in a single transaction.

Platform Fees

Conic Finance Airdrop may charge platform fees on CRV and CVX earnings. However, this will need to be enabled via governance. All charged fees will be paid out to vlCNC holders.


The Conic Finance Airdrop token is the governance token used by the Conic DAO and may be locked for vlCNC to participate in governance (see below). CNC is distributed to the following protocol stakeholders:

Liquidity providers

LPs receive a share of CNC that is minted proportional to the share of liquidity that they supply.

Curve LP token swappers:

LP token swappers receive an amount of CNC tokens for each successful LP token swap they carry out. The specific amount they receive follows the logic outlined in 3.2

Stakers of the CNC/ETH AMM LP token:

Conic Finance Airdrop total of 10% of the total CNC supply is distributed to stakers of the Curve factory pool CNC/ETH LP token to incentivize sufficient levels of liquidity for token swaps.

The main goals of Conic can be summarized by the following:


Allow users to deposit a single asset into a Conic Omnipool which deploys liquidity across multiple Curve pools.

Liquidity distribution

Conic Finance Airdrop Offer a solution to the current liquidity provision in the Curve ecosystem which is dominated by incentivized liquidity. This is done by establishing Conic governance which allows vlCNC holders to directly control which Curve pools receive liquidity.


Create a protocol that is both led and controlled by the Conic community via a self-sustaining DAO.

Deposits and withdrawals

Each Omnipool has a single underlying asset which can be exchanged for the Omnipool LP Token (depositing), and the LP Tokens can be redeemed for the underlying (withdrawing) at any time. One of the key challenges faced when depositing and withdrawing single sided liquidity is ensuring the pool is protected from slippage incurred during these transactions. If not handled carefully, several attack vectors could exist that allow a malicious agent to drain funds from the pool. Slippage is unavoidable, and so Conic mitigates this risk by passing all slippage on to the depositing and withdrawing user during their transaction.

Conic Finance Airdrop is done by using a new way of calculating LP minting and burning. When a user deposits into the pool, the current TVL of the pool is calculated first before any other steps. The pricing of the LP Tokens for this calculation uses the process outlined in 3.1.2 which is manipulation resistant. Then the deposit or withdrawal is processed. After this, the TVL is calculated again. During a deposit the amount of LP Tokens minted is based on the difference in the TVL from before and after the deposit.

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