Velodrome Airdrop Review: The Trading and Liquidity

Velodrome Airdrop Review: The Trading and Liquidity

About Velodrome Airdrop

Velodrome Airdrop Finance is the trading and liquidity marketplace on Optimism. As an AMM (automated market maker) adapted from Solidly, Velodrome Finance comes with standard features popularized by Uniswap v2, and some novel ones, critical to Optimism’s ecosystem development.

Velodrome is airdropping a total of 240,000,000 VELO to OP, WeVE and other Cross-chain DeFi users. Users who’re eligible for the OP airdrop as Repeat Optimism Users, WeVE holders and other Cross-chain DeFi users such as veCRV and vlCVX holders are eligible for the airdrop.

Token NameRevuto Airdrop
Total Value$8,000,000 R
Airdrop End2022-07-15
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Velodrome airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your ETH wallet.
  3. If you’re eligible, then you will be able to claim free VELO.
  4. Eligible users are:
    • Users who’re eligible for the Optimism airdrop as Repeat Optimism Users
    • WeVe hodlers
    • Curve Protocol wallets with a 1450+ days (maximum) veCRV lock time
    • Convex Protocol lockers of vlCVX since the new lock contract deployment
    • Treasure DAO Genesis Mine MAGIC stakers for 1- and 3-month periods
    • Platypus Protocol stakers with vePTP and PTP balance
    • Redacted Cartel participants in the genesis Dutch auction who didn’t sell their BTRFLY
    • Eminence Finance wallets affected with EMN, eAAVE, eLINK, eYFI, eSNX or eCRV balance

How is this different from other protocols?#

Velodrome Airdrop Finance is inspired by and incorporates elements of the protocols such as Solidly, Curve, Votium.

Where possible, the team used available open-sourced work, for which we are grateful and lucky to be standing on the shoulders of such giants.

You can learn in depth about all the protocol aspects in the Tokenomics section.

ve(3,3) Tokenomics

Velodrome Airdrop protocol has a native token ($VELO) with weekly emissions distributed to liquidity providers. The native token can be locked in exchange for a vote-escrow ($veVELO) NFT (non fungible token). Holders of $veVELO have voting power over what liquidity pools receive the weekly emissions. Voters receive the trading fees and external rewards (also known as bribes) collected from the liquidity pools they vote for, as well as an anti-dilutive $veVELO rebase.

NFT Governance

By using an NFT to certify ownership of the locked tokens, the protocol allows voting power to be traded on the open market. This opens up benefits for our long-term lockers.

Who is behind this project?#

The team behind Velodrome Finance previously launched Velodrome Airdrop, an initiative incubated by IT DAO. veDAO’s founding mandate was to engage with the Solidly ecosystem, a protocol launched on the Fantom network by Andre Cronje and his team, while driving long-term value to the VeDAO community.

The Velodrome Airdrop team has since developed deep subject matter expertise on both Solidly and mechanisms, becoming the go-to resource for protocols and chains seeking support around these topics.

By the numbers, VeDAO, managed to attract $2.6B in TVL (total value locked) in the early days, securing ~10% of Solidly voting power and ~$1.1M USDC in treasury assets.


Velodrome Finance uses two tokens to manage its utility and governance:

  • $VELO — ERC-20 utility token of the protocol
  • $veVELO — ERC-721 governance token in the form of an NFT (non-fungible token)

$VELO is used for rewarding liquidity providers through emissions.

$veVELO is used for governance. Any $VELO holder can vote-escrow their tokens and receive a $veVELO (also known as veNFT) in exchange. Additional tokens can be added to the $veVELO NFT at any time.

The lock period (also known as vote-escrowed period, hence the ve prefix) can be up to 4 years, following the linear relationship shown below:

  • 100 $VELO locked for 4 years will become 100 $veVELO
  • 100 $VELO locked for 1 year will become 25 $veVELO

ve(3,3) Mechanics#

Velodrome Airdrop Finance mechanics reflect a combination of two DeFi concepts:

  • Vote-Escrow — first introduced by Curve to strengthen incentives for long-term token holders
  • Staking/Rebasing/Bonding or (3,3) game theory — designed by Olympus DAO

Combined, the ve(3,3) mechanism rewards behaviors correlated with Velodrome’s success, such as liquidity provision and long-term token holding. Liquidity providers receive $VELO emissions, and $veVELO holders receive protocol fees, bribes, rebases, and governance power.