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Revuto Airdrop Review: The First DApp on Cardan

About Revuto Airdrop

Revuto Airdrop is primarily an active subscription management dApp allowing users to manage all their subscriptions from a single dashboard and pay them using REVU tokens. With the focus on creating unique all in one dApp, Revuto is primarily mobile-oriented project which mission is to save customers time, energy, and money by completely redefining the subscription management experience. In a later phase Revuto will broaden its product offering by adding support for other recurring payments such as utilities, cable and cell phone bills, or gym memberships.

Within the Revuto dApp users will also be able to Buy, Borrow, Lend, Swap, Stake and Earn crypto. Ultimately by issuing they physical debit cards spend it for all other general payments. With the launch of the custodial wallet and Fiat-to-Crypto gateway within the app, They will connect the dots from both worlds by introducing the best DeFi and CeFi features accessible from one single app. Uncollateralized micro-loans are another revolutionary solution which will be introduced by the team. This setup is being developed by CTO, an awarded AI expert with almost 30 patents related to artificial intelligence (AI) and financial transactions.

Revuto Airdrop has almost 40 people with real identities and enviable reputation working on the project full time, and dozens of external associates and advisors helping them to achive all their goals. They already have over 3 million early sign-ups for the app until today, over 350k registered users, and over 60k non-custodial wallets have been created within the app.

Thanks to those numbers and 115k followers on all social media channels combined, Revuto Airdrop already received the Best DeFi Setup Award at the Global DeFi Investment Summit and was also named as the Fastest Growing Consumer Product in Crypto for 2021 at the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) in Dubai. They also created all kinds of NFTs which are not just pretty pictures. They all have utility and different usecase. For example, the Revulotion NFT announced recently on their latest AMA, will give its holder free Netflix for lifetime.

Token NameRevuto Airdrop
Total Value$8,000,000 R
Airdrop End2022-07-15
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the Revuto App.
  2. Now get some REVU tokens. You can buy REVU from KuCoin and transfer it to the app.
  3. They will be airdropping 35% of the total supply to eligible REVU holders.
  4. Users need to hold REVU within the the app (the wallet, Staking Center, and all locked or unclaimed tokens from the Token Sale rounds) in order to be eligible to receive free R tokens. You can buy REVU from KuCoin and transfer it to the app.
  5. Random snapshots will be taken starting from June 1st, 2022 until July 15th, 2022.
  6. The average amount of REVU tokens the user will hold on the day of snapshots will decide how many R tokens the user will get.
  7. Users who hold REVU tokens through the entire 45-day period will receive the maximum airdrop amount of 10 R for every 1 REVU.
  8. The vesting period for the airdrop will last 24 months with 25% of tokens unlocked and sent to the user’s wallet every six months with counting starting from June 1st, 2022.
  9. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article.

Revuto dApp

Subscribe with Revuto Airdrop Debit Cards supporting Cardano native tokens to Block, Snooze or Approve subscription charges as they occur and to:


Deposit Cardano native tokens to your Revuto dApp.


Use Revuto Virtual Debit cards to subscribe and pay with Cardano Native tokens.


Bring your friends and earn rewards in REVU tokens.


Stake and keep REVU tokens while getting a loan in stable coin to pay for your subscriptions.


Get cashback in Revuto Airdrop tokens when paying for your subscriptions.


Earn yields on your REVU tokens when providing liquidity to the protocol.

REVU token

REVU is a native token on the Cardano network. The main incentive for holding REVU tokens is to save money while paying for your subscription charges.

Revuto’s crypto wallet is a simple and secure wallet supporting Cardano-based native tokens, including REVU tokens and EURR stablecoin by default.

Revuto Airdrop crypto wallet is built to allow preauthorized pull payments from other Revuto wallet addresses and to support direct authorization with the service providers.

REVU is a native token on the Cardano network.

By offering Cashback for subscription payments and rewards through Revuto Referral Program, REVU tokenomics is set up to create constant buying pressure on REVU.

Once mature, Revuto will gradually transition to community governance, allowing REVU token holders to vote for the future of the Revuto.


Take advantage of rapidly growing decentralized finance to bring freedom to financial services such as lending and borrowing. With DeFi, short-term lenders and borrowers benefit from the Revuto ecosystem when paying subscriptions with Revu.

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