Dronefly Airdrop Review: Get Win 20 TRX Each

Dronefly Airdrop Review: Get Win 20 TRX Each

About Dronefly

Dronefly is a stable blockchain-primarily based totally device that gives dependable drone flight data. It allows stable drone flight enjoy authentication and control and sharing flight data. The flight enjoy evidence device gives licensed flight enjoy information, and rewards members primarily based totally on their flight enjoy and flight talent levels. DRONEFLY is gifting away loose TRX to thousand fortunate members. Join their Telegram organization and post your info to the giveaway shape to win up 20 TRX. Top referrals at the leaderboard will even win as much as 2,000 TRX each.

Token NameDronefly
Total value25,500 TRX
Total SupplyN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the DRONEFLY giveaway form.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Submit your TRX address and other details to the giveaway form.
  4. Thousand participants will be randomly selected to win 20 TRX each.
  5. Also refer your friends to the giveaway and the top five referrals on the leaderboard will win up to 2,000 TRX.

KDMS : How it works

In case of collecting safe and precise flight data, we need a hardware device, a personal authentication enabled, and a systematic network which connects the collected data with a smartphone terminal to upload onto the blockchain. The system is KDMS, DRONEFLY Drone flight Management System. FlightTracker®, an adhesive device, collects flight data on an aircraft, connects a smartphone application, and upload the data onto the blockchain network. It’s a basic protocol of KDMS.

Step 1 | Flight Data Gathering with FlightTracker®

Dronefly very beginning is gathering flight data from a drone aircraft which is flying in the air. FlightTracker® is based on an MCU board, which includes several sensors such as GPS and altimeter. It sticks to a drone aircraft and collects flight data. (It does not communicate with the drone aircraft: there is no standard communication protocol among a lot of drone aerial vehicles. It independently collects flight data attached to the aircraft and saved the data in ROM.)

Step 2 | Flight Data Store Between DRONEFLY Application & Blockchain Network

Collected flight data using FlightTracker® is transferred to DRONEFLY application, and uploaded to DRONEFLY blockchain network. When you transfer data into your smartphone application, you have to pass the user authentication process. DRONEFLY application synchronizes the user information and the user’s flight data. Each flight is subdivided into an individual process for management.

Step 3 | Flight Data Analysis – Based on AI and Big Data

Flight data, collected by FlightTracker® and consistently accumulated in the blockchain network, are analyzed using AI machine learning. We will provide various useful data under the analysis.
◆ Analyze collected/accumulated flight data with AI machine learning tool
◆ Analyze average flight patterns such as flight hours, consecutive flight hours, flight fidelity, etc.
◆ Analyze flight skills
◆ Analyze and recommend the optimal job positions
◆ Predict the accident-prone areas



You can touch, experience, and enjoy drones, the core of the 4th industrial revolution.

Dronefly can buy or share a relatively expensive drone at a low price.

Job Seekers

You can build a new career as a drone expert through professional drone training.

Career Holder

You will get formal recognition of your career and the opportunity to hone your skills.

Related Companies and public institutions

Dronefly can hire certified experienced, experienced pilots.

You can request the hiring of certified human resources and training agencies required for public works.

Education Matching Platform

They provide accredited training courses by connecting training centers accredited by DRONEFLY to those who want to learn how to fly a drone or obtain a certification, and who want to accumulate flight experience and upgrade their aviation skills.

Sharing platform

Aside from small drones used as toys, industrial drone airplanes or mid-range and larger drones are generally quite expensive. However, as drones that cost a lot of money often perform well, people also prefer them.

Market Platform

You can buy or sell drones, and you can purchase parts to repair or tune your drone.
It is also an integrated market platform where you can buy and sell content such as various photos and videos produced using drones .

Token Sale

The DRONEFLY project issues DRONEFLY tokens based on ERC 2.0 to support the smooth operation of the ecosystem, and uses token sales funds to revitalize the global drone industry and develop the industry.

  1. They provide certified flight experience information through the flight experience certification system, and reward participants according to their flight experience and flight skill level.
  2. By connecting the training course for those who want to become a drone pilot, and providing a business platform where companies or individuals who are doing business related to drones or want to freely engage in activities, the drone business can be revitalized and participants can receive more rewards. .