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Txx Web Hosting Review: Web Hosting Includes.

About Txx

Absolutely everyone who benefits from the services of SC TEHNOLOGIC NETWORKING INGENUITY S.R.L undertakes to know and respect this regulation,any violation entails the suspension of the service with or without prior notification, depending on the seriousness of the situation generated by its violation. Txx regulation can be modified without prior notice, the beneficiary obliging himself to access this page to be aware of the terms and conditions of use of our services. The client undertakes to respect a fair-use policy and not to abuse the processing resources of the server on which it is hosted.

Txx do not offer configuration support such as installing forums, configuring forums, creating logos or other design elements, debugging php applications that do not run correctly from a programming point of view, etc.The client undertakes to optimize his web applications in order to reduce the consumption of resources. The client undertakes to comply with the guidelines regarding the optimization of web applications provided by the technical assistance in order to reduce the consumption of resources.

Some Quick Facts Txx Web Hosting

TxxBasic Details
Hosting NameTxx
Call Support+40 725315678
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Txx Price

The beneficiary undertakes to provide correct data

Txx Opting for registration, you undertake to correctly provide with your name and other useful information. Using false data may lead to the invalidation of orders or the impossibility of contacting you. By accessing the account and using the personal password, you are responsible for all actions resulting from their use. SC TEHNOLOGIC NETWORKING INGENUITY S.R.L cannot be held responsible for errors that occur as a result of the user’s negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.

Txx Large resource consuming users will not be accepted under any circumstances.(example: p2p communities – torrent trackers, filehosting sites, imagehosting sites, site statistics installations (top), game statistics, external counting installations (player redirects), etc.)Sites that host or promote activities prohibited by Romanian legislation in force will not be accepted under any circumstances.(example: child pornography, copyright material, racism, fishing sites, spam, distribution of illegal video materials, etc.)

Customer Applications

For security reasons, each client has a controlled access to the PHP processor, the functions open_basedir, disable_functions, safe_mode are activated and configured in order to ensure an environment as possiblesafe for customer applications. Txx client undertakes to secure his web applications in order to avoid unauthorized infiltration based on their vulnerabilities, the supplier TELENET CONSULTING SRL cannot be held responsible in the event that the client’s account was the victim of an attacker, regardless of the consequences of this attack, securing it is the client’s responsibility. The customer undertakes to make backup copies of his data, in order to prevent an unpleasant situation due to unauthorized infiltration or accidental deletion.

Strictly Prohibited

Modules that positively or negatively modify the performance of the service (mmtimer, booster, fpsbooster, etc.).Modules known for serious security problems (webmod, hlguard), modules designed to add CPU-controlled virtual players (bots). Any abusive method of modifying the player’s client is strictly prohibited (Slow-Hacking), here Txx include of course for CS 1.6 (GameMenu, destroy, fuckoff, autobind for connect, etc.).The owner of whose server will run such an extension or will use the service as a redirect will have the service suspended without any notification, certain detections being automatic.

It will not be allowed to change the number of slots greater than the purchased package (available game slots) in any form, here Txx mean including the virtual form (additional fake slots). The client undertakes to optimize the modules/extensions used on each game server in order to reduce unnecessary resource consumption. The client undertakes not to allow the use of his sv_downloadurl function by other servers, or to display it publicly.

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