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Turkishost Web Hosting Review: 100% UptimeClone Server Technology.

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About Turkishost

With Turkishost clone server technology, they instantly store your website on a different server for you. With the advantage of weekly or daily backups, they prevent possible data loss on your websites. Affordable and high-performance linux hosting packages await you with a free website. Packages with unlimited resources and cpu and ram problems on your WordPress sites are waiting for you. The easiest and most economical plans to bring your business to the internet are waiting for you with Turkishost solutions.

Your websites will work much healthier with virtualized server services, which are indispensable for your websites with high traffic needs to work faster and with better performance. They store your sites, applications or e-mails on private servers with cloud technology, with the Turkishost infrastructure of Turkey’s real cloud technology. With your internet history of over 10 years, we are here with an ultra-level security package that will protect your websites, applications or e-mails from all dangers. At the same time, it protects your website against all DDOS attacks.

Some Quick Facts Turkishost Web Hosting

TurkishostBasic Details
Hosting NameTurkishost
Price$0.29 / Monthly
Call Support+90 555 272 99 91
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Turkishost Price

Welcome to Turkishost

Turkishost is one of the sub-branches of an IT company that includes, which has been operating in the hosting industry since 2006. They provide services in many internet sectors such as web design, hosting, web software, SEO, trademark registration. While they are proud of making hundreds of thousands of your customers website owners, they continue to build a better and quality service for you every day. With this renewed year, they have added many service branches to your service range.

Service Agreement

Turkishost offers all domain name transactions through ICANN and METU dealers and is determined as the authorized ICANN and government agency in all problems that may arise regarding registration and whois. In order to obtain a domain name with Turkishost from, the necessary documents must be submitted to completely and correctly. The relevant domain name needs a minimum of 29 days to transfer. And all the responsibility of these domain names and the authorized problems that may arise are METU.

Domain names with missing or incorrect documents are deemed to have not fulfilled the registration conditions and the domain name application will be cancelled. There is no refund for domain names whose application has been canceled, and the customer is responsible for fulfilling the registration conditions.

Product Agreement

Domain name payment is not refundable for domain names with missing or incorrect documents. In order for the domain name to be active, the documents must be delivered to us completely and correctly. The customer must read the product agreement (service rules) before purchasing the service, the customer is deemed to have accepted this product agreement in any purchase. Purchased lifetime hosting packages are hosted in the cloud system and there is no refund guarantee in purchased lifetime hosting packages. Campaign SSL certificates obtained from Turkishost only work on servers.

All legal responsibilities for hosting and all server services belong to the customer, Turkishost is only the service provider. In a possible legal situation, customer information is shared with legal authorities. In case the late fee is not reflected on the expired invoices in the hosting packages, the last payment date is taken as the service period. In the case of services for which a late fee is applied, the date the service was first received is taken as a basis.


This contract begins on the registration date and is valid until terminated. When the customer uses the services of Turkishost through online registration or any other way, he is deemed to have accepted the terms of this contract. The changes that will take place in time in this Agreement, approved by the Customer during the application, will be published on Turkishost website with the address and/or notified to the Customer by e-mail. By continuing to use host services, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Agreement in force.

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