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Hostsharing Web Hosting Review: Host sharing provides an operating platform for web applications.

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About Hostsharing

Hostsharing offers an operating platform for web applications with numerous high-quality inclusive services and many individually bookable options. Host operates cloud computing in Germany in a local data center under German and European jurisdiction. This ensures compliance with legal provisions such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). You conclude the general terms and conditions and all other contracts with your cooperative on an equal footing.

The cooperative legal form ensures your economic independence. As shareholders of the cooperative, they determine your business policy together. They do not have to generate returns for any external investor and invest profits in improving your services. Host may not be taken over by another company without the consent of the members. They rely on free software and open standards. This makes independent of proprietary technologies and the economic interests of other companies.

Some Quick Facts Hostsharing Web Hosting

HostsharingBasic Details
Hosting NameHostsharing
Price5,00 €
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hostsharing Price

Digital Sustainability

Hostsharing use the resources of your environment sparingly and responsibly. Your servers are powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. They use stable, reliable and secure technologies that allow you to plan for the long term. Through virtualization, applications can be operated independently of the hardware in a sustainable manner. Scaling is possible at any time. However, digital sustainability also means maintaining and developing the knowledge required to operate an IT infrastructure within your own ranks.

If you don’t do that, sooner or later you will become dependent on other companies. Because of its sustainable corporate policy, Hostsharing was nominated for the German government’s Corporate Social Responsibility Prize 2020 in the special prize category ‘CSR and Digitization’. Hostsharing has been a member of the International Association for the Promotion of the Economy for the Common Good since September 2018.

Cooperative cloud computing: excellence for all

Hostsharing offers excellence for everyone: for private users, clubs and organizations as well as for small and medium-sized companies. Even with the cheapest entry-level package, a member benefits from the performance of your community cloud. They have the ability to meet your high quality standards because work with free software on your own hardware and thus have control over the technical processes. Your members who run their applications in the community cloud benefit from your technical know-how. They advise your members to achieve better results together.

The dependency on dedicated hardware means that replacing components or even changing the server involves a great deal of effort and possibly corresponding downtime. Hostsharing avoids this through the virtualization of hardware as well as through replication and a redundantly designed infrastructure. The technology can be modernized without having to interrupt services. A sharing eG thus offers its members a technical roadmap without breaks with simple and clear migration paths.


Hostsharing support responds to a fault in the managed systems no later than the next working day. However, thanks to extensive monitoring, most faults have already been eliminated before the user notices a service failure. Host eG has personal contacts for all questions and problems, who can be reached by telephone or e-mail. Of course, Host also offers its members individual SLAs with shorter response times for company-critical components.

With its technical know-how, Hostsharing can competently advise its members on the implementation of IT projects. There is a continuous transfer of know-how within the cooperative. The members of Host always have a strong community of IT specialists behind them in their activities, which they can fall back on if necessary.

Modular system for small and large projects

Hostsharing offers its members all services in a flexible modular system with short contract periods and no provision fees. The introductory offer costs €5 per month. This means that private individuals, clubs and small companies can enjoy hosting services at the highest technical level at very reasonable prices. The equipment of the offer can be flexibly enlarged or reduced at any time. Larger projects can be realized with managed, virtualized servers, the equipment of which can also be adapted to the requirements according to the requirements and without any migration effort.

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