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What Is Stonkleague? (Aegis) Complete Guide Review About Stonkleague.

What Is Stonkleague?

Stonkleague Coin is a Gamified Crypto Index and DAO (Governance) Index Protocol. StonkLeague is built atop two large growth markets — gaming and crypto investing — offering a platform by which users can play crypto trading games to earn digital currencies and assets.

The business opportunity stems from the complex and highly volatile nature of the digital investing market. While gaming activities are generally “safe” for mass markets, digital investing can be highly risky for the average uneducated investor.

Stonkleague Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameStonkleague Coin
Short NameAegis
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


The Stonkleague world of retail investment has fundamentally altered the behaviors of small and large investors, across sectors, across asset classes and across various demographics. Individual retail investors are investing in stock markets and cryptocurrencies directly using apps such as Coinbase / Robinhood without the expert guidance of institutional investment firms.

They are listening to advice from so-called finfluencers or individual retail traders on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc. While not all influencers are bad, the good one’s do not have the means to establish or prove their legitimacy and there’s no way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Today’s retail traders, online trade advisors, youtubers, and finfluencers are attested solely by their own claims; there is no true way to verify the competence of individual traders or online trade advice nor is there a reputable firm backing these individuals and their claims.

Stonk Fantasy Gaming

By Stonkleague Coin creating a layer of abstraction, in the form of fantasy gaming, they enable people to develop skills, play on their instincts and benefit from the upsides of making correct predictions, while being protected from the downsides of adverse market setbacks.

With Fantasy Gaming, they can garner the upsides purely based on outperforming peers and fellow players with respect to the live market, rather than from outperforming the market itself. This is a new form of market exposure for the retail investors.

Governance, Staking & Farming

Stonkleague Coin end state objective is to offer a truly decentralized, community operated gaming and vetting platform for the retail trading community. In line with this objective, They will increasingly shift toward a community governance model.

Stonk Token holders will be afforded the opportunity to stake their tokens on decentralized exchanges to gain a portion of newly issued Stonk as well as the ability to vote on various governing elements of the platform.

StonkLeague Trading Metaverse

StonkLeague Metaverse re-imagines pre-historic epic battles such as the Battle of Thermopylae and juxtaposes the trading wars of those days with the trading wars of the modern world. Imagine if Stonkleague Coin existed in 480 BC and to be able to battle in these wars, you will need money ($Aegis aka Stonk Tokens) and Warriors.

To Earn Stonk Tokens, Players need to Play the Daily Trading Games and Win Tokens. These Stonk Tokens can then be expended at Stonk Barracks to levy (mint) Soldier Tokens.

Index Pricing Methodology

Stonkleague Coin use a combination of factors to determine the index pricing. Of the various factors, the daily volume of tokens in supply / circulation is used. And the ‘float factor’ of the volume changes will be applied to the market-cap and then the appropriate weighting is applied.

They may also consider magnitude and directional sentiment, accuracy, the line-of-best-fit, as additional weightage factors in determining the Index pricing of each constituent.


Stonkleague Coin reduces this risk by providing top-of-the-morning fantasy crypto trading games for retail traders to win BTC prizes and $Aegis Tokens. Traders may improve their skills, build their reputation and earn valuable digital assets in a fun and secure manner. Additionally, crypto influencers can use to create their own NFT leagues to build their legitimacy and monetize their following.

User activity generates unique sentiment analysis data (aka crowd wisdom), which will use to generate index trading strategies. They gives retail investors low risk access to crypto markets, while giving gamers a new way to trade and earn.


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