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Serverhosthub Web Hosting Review: They Are Offring High Speed Personal Hosting.

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About Serverhosthub

You can use Serverhosthub token to pay for your purchases, buy internal domains/tags, promote your listings, use powerful seller tools. A world where my highly-capable personal assistant learns my preferences and knows my history (to the extent that I want it to!) Where my PA interacts and learns from my network of friends and family, communicates and deals with other companies, services, and devices, including home automation and IoT.

Decentralized Liquidity Provider And Staking Service, Owned And Operated By Its Community. Hyperion Is Focused On Bringing Innovative, Eco-Friendly Products To The Market, Creating Waves Of Disruption Within The Current Systems. Developing Automated Tools To Provide Efficiency And Scalability, From An Individual To Enterprise Level. By Leveraging Blockchain Technology stuff-coin Enables A Decentralized, Self-Sufficient, Autonomous.

Some Quick Facts Serverhosthub Web Hosting

ServerhosthubBasic Details
Hosting NameServerhosthub
Price₹23 /Y
Call Support9165531733
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Serverhosthub Price


Serverhosthub project sounds right for this industry which requires anonymity and privacy for clients. I am confident paying porn sites with my credit cards but it is fine with tokens as no one knows it. The team needs some more positions and roles as the industry is highly competitive so marketing it is a must. This is required to expand the project globally. MVP is good with some great example, only for 18+ so I could only have a quick look. Good luck to the team.

How does it work?

By uploading your DNA profile to the DNA Marketplace, you’re able to set a price at which you’re willing to sell your DNA profile for. Once your profile has been purchased, you’ll receive your asking price in $DNA. You can sell $DNA token for USD or ETH on an exchange, such as CoinMetro. If you’re buying DNA profiles, you do so with $DNA. This seen labs that keep hard drives in locked file cabinets — and think that’s unacceptable

Platform Developments

Serverhosthub community of supporters and users has grown virally, and various partnerships and platform developments have poised the company for consumer growth. It remains the only free market for genomic data powered by blockchain, and is committed to democratizing and decentralizing science (De-Sci), allowing individuals to make choices and benefit monetarily through their contributions to research. To find out how they’re doing, take a look at your blog.

Genomic Data

Serverhosthub groups can initiate requests for other stored data, which are automatically initiated in compliance with privacy and consent laws, significantly expediting collaboration and easing ethics procedures. The Gene-Chain is a repository of genomic data, uploaded by researchers and individuals, which accomodates browsing and metadata search. The Gene-Chain is a cross-platform-compatible way for scientists to securely share data.

They empowers donors by allowing individuals to see a complete permanent record of their data’s “withdrawals”. Individuals who upload their genetic information to the Gene-Chain can grant secure access to physicians or research studies using unique time-expirable keys. Blockchains store data; yours store genomic data. They are inherently distributed, peer-to-peer, immutable, and virtually unhackable. On top of this, the Gene-Chain uses additional security measures to ensure complete data privacy.


Every living thing on this planet contains DNA. Within that DNA is a plethora of valuable information. Information that can be used to help further scientific breakthroughs in medicine and beyond. It’s only apt that Serverhosthub named company token DNA. They sought to make an alternative to the current means by which valuable genetic data is bought and sold.

While the current markets are monopolized by the testing companies, and lack transparency or participation by those whose data is sold, they created a free-market for de-identified data where you can set the price and earn most of the money spent to buy data for science.

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