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scalegrid Web Hosting Review: Fully Managed Database Hosting.

About scalegrid

scalegrid started by looking into the major DBaaS cloud hosts and could certainly have gone directly with AWS, GCP or Azure (among others), but all of these required an “expert” to spec, price and implement correctly – and were, frankly, overkill for getting us out of the gate. ScaleGrid was (and is) dramatically different they have a limited offering — a few different DBMS’s and a standard set of server / instance specs to choose from when getting started.

In short – with a credit card, I was able to select a PostgreSQL configuration and place my order within about 5 minutes. In order to connect to your MongoDB cluster, you must first create a new user, as it is highly recommended that you do not use the admin user that was created with your cluster. They provide a web interface for the mongo shell via the Admin tab on the ScaleGrid console. The ScaleGrid MongoDB web shell is a limited version of the mongo console.

Some Quick Facts scalegrid Web Hosting

scalegridBasic Details
Hosting Namescalegrid
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scalegrid Price

Get superuser access

This allows developers, DBA’s and DevOps engineers to quickly automate their backups, create new SQL and NoSQL clusters, and monitor the performance of their databases for their application without requiring database expertise. Get started with all-inclusive, fully managed Dedicated Hosting on popular cloud providers, or your unique Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) model that allows you to host through your own cloud account. Check out our BYOC vs. Dedicated post to see which plan is right for you.

scalegrid only DBaaS that lets you keep 100% control with full admin access to all of your deployments and the ability to install custom extensions. Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) is a fully managed solution that helps users easily manage their database operations. The main reason startups leverage ScaleGrid is so they can keep their development teams focused on product.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Your unique model lets you host in your own cloud account, migrate over hosting credits and leverage Reserved Instances. Database hosting is necessary for every application to make data accessible to users. You can host your database through popular cloud providers, or on-premise through your own private setup. Managed database hosting allows you to automate the administrative and maintenance tasks involved with hosting a production database. The mongo shell is also available on the instances that your database cluster is hosted on. If you have SSH access to the underlying instances, you can access the mongo shell available on them.

The scalegrid Startup Program is a deal for early-stage startups to help them develop a solid infrastructure positioned for growth and keep their development teams focused on product. Read this document to learn more about the deal, and how to activate your account. As any startup knows, time is money, and early-stage companies have no time to waste in learning a new database management system and how to properly setup their infrastructures so they’re ready to scale. ScaleGrid allows you to automate your time-consuming database management tasks so you don’t have to hire expensive database experts, or pull resources away from development.

Fully managed, all-inclusive

Automate your log rotations, database upgrades, OS patching and much more on a monthly and on-demand basis. Do you need to install a plugin? No problem! With scalegrid you get SSH access to the underlying machines. Get your time back and save some money along the way with fully managed database hosting in the cloud. Plans start at just $8/month, try free for 30-days. If you cluster is NOT open to the Internet, then the network settings need to be determined from the VPC and Security Group settings of the cloud provider themselves. Refer to the documentation of your cloud provider to find out the correct configuration required to ensure connectivity.

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