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What Is Rodeo Coin (RODEO)? Complete Guide Review About Rodeo Coin.

What Is Rodeo Coin (RODEO)?

Rodeo Coin glad you asked! Rodeo is a unique project born from your passion of the western lifestyle. They intend to bring about positive change to communities across the world through the use of innovative technology. The core belief is simple Community is your foundation and by supporting from within this lay the groundwork necessary for sustainable growth. They will not waste money hiring marketing professionals and social media influencers to shill your ideas. Instead, they intend to be recognized for action and believe that your hard work will provide plenty of promotional material to spread the word.

Rodeo Coin mission is to support the western lifestyle including but not limited to the agricultural, farming, ranching, and rodeo communities. RodeoCoin will not only provide charitable donations, but also bring about advancement with the use of more efficient technology. RodeoCoin encourages long term investment by rewarding its holders with stable coin in the form of BUSD. Short term your goal is marketing through philanthropy, long term they intend to globalize through sponsorships and larger projects that include music, art and all things western culture.

Rodeo Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRodeo Coin
Short NameRODEO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Rodeo Coin Team

What is the Utility?

Rodeo Coin in its simplest form intends to be a currency of the community but that is just the beginning. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and its incredible potential has barely been tapped. Early on the Rodeo team recognized that using cryptocurrency as a way of crowdfunding could open up new and innovative ways to accomplish amazing feats. Rodeo will provide an alternative to the traditional relationship between management and talent. Coin is developing a unique platform which will allow communities to not only support their favorite artists, athletes and inspirational people, but also benefit from their success in a way that has never been done before.

Rodeo secondary mission is to support the western ideals the same ideals that helped forge states and nations across the globe a self-sustaining and profound relationship with your land and your environment. Globally they have become dependent on a far-reaching supply chain to not only ensure your quality of life but also your most critical needs. The recent pandemic and conflict in the east has exposed the fragility of this supply chain.

At Rodeo Coin promote a local-first agenda, building from within and providing the blueprints for autonomy. They will use the global technology of today to support the skills needed for local sustainable living. That is why intend to educate and help build communities and the spirit of a self-sustaining lifestyle. From funding school garden projects to providing speakers for community agricultural projects and events will be there to promote the western lifestyle.


Rodeo Coin is the first project of its kind. They are passionate and your vision is to evolve and change the world by supporting the Western lifestyle, Agriculture, Farming, Ranching, and Rodeo Communities across all borders through the use of modern technology. 4% of every Rodeo BUY and 5% of every SALE goes directly to your “Community Wallet.” That money is then distributed to people and organizations in need in your communities across the country and around the world. Philanthropy replaces Marketing and they can’t think of a better replacement.

Future Plans

The next phase of Rodeo Coin will allow investors to benefit from the success of your community investments. The team will actively seek out profitable investments in your country/Western communities. Coin holders will become a de facto decentralized management team. They will sign contracts with musicians, athletes & artists that promote the lifestyle all love. In turn, all Coin investors will share in the profits via direct $BUSD distributions.


Coin is a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Hold Coin in any eligible wallet and automatically receive 4% $BUSD rewards on every BUY transaction and 5% $BUSD rewards on every SELL transaction. And always 0% WALLET-TO-WALLET TRANSFER FEES. On top of that, and what makes Coin unique, is that 4% or 5% of EVERY transaction goes toward a community need. This is how Coin gives back to the community.


Rodeo Coin Roadmap
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