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What Is Millionaire Land (TOK)? Complete Guide Review About Millionaire Land.

What Is Millionaire Land (TOK)?

Paying for various APP functions mentioned above, including pair minting, character NFT health repair, character NFT upgrade, gem upgrade, unlocking slots, resetting character attributes, etc. Millionaire Land Test of knowledge, is a game Token representing knowledge rewards in Millionaire Land, mainly obtained through AnswerToEarn. During the registration and use of Millionaire Land, they provide appropriate security for your information to prevent its loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure.

Millionaire Land Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMillionaire Land
Short NameTOK
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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$POK Token

TOK Power of knowledge. $POK is the governance token of the platform and is also the payment token for certain high level features. A total of 600 million tokens provide a trading liquidity pool for $POK’s ecology, as well as reward support for community development and community events. A total of 150 million Tokens for public fundraising on decentralized platforms or centralized exchanges, giving all players early access to $POK.

Vision for the Platform

TOK are seeking for a platform that is more conducive to human beings improving their wisdom and talents through the use of Web3 with Answer to Earn’s TOK as the cornerstone. Answer to Earn will be the platform’s first product, and later on, Web3 Quora, which will help users develop their wisdom and abilities by asking and answering questions, and Web3 Podcasts, which will help users increase their knowledge and skills through voice podcasts, will be released.


TOK is mainly released through AnswerToEarn, and the reward of $POK will be halved once every three years. Others are public offering, investment lock-in, ecological development, team holding, etc. The $1.5 billion will be divided into three parts, which will be produced by the 3 in-app programs to improve knowledge resources, and Millionaire Land will be the first one, and $POK will be launched only after the daily active users reach a certain threshold which occupies 500 million.

Staking governance interests

Means of payment for purchasing experience value to enhance charisma (charisma is related to queue position and reward in multi-player mode) Means of payment for potions that enhance the probability of success in MINT at a later stage (the probability of success in Mint will be added to the character NFT at a later stage). Basic tickets to participate in other knowledge and skill enhancing applications of the platform.

Ecological governance rewards

After deducting the cost of TOK, the net profit will be used for “World Science and Education Donation Program” and “$POK Staking Dividend”. The longer the staking, the higher the voting rights), as well as the additional $POK bonus for participating in governance. Millionaire Land using TOK, players are considered to have read these terms and conditions carefully and fully agree to be legally agreed by TOK related statements and user service agreement.


  1. Regarding TOK built-in decentralized wallet, when you complete the creation of your wallet, please keep your password and keyword safe and TOK Team will not be responsible for any loss of assets due to the user’s loss of password or keyword.
  2. If you use third party illegal software or technology to cause bad influence on TOK, Millionaire Land have the right to restrict your account including but not limited to the following temporary blocking, permanent blocking, etc.
  3. Millionaire Land will not be responsible for any service interruption or other defects caused by force factors that prevent you from using TOK normally, but they will try your best to minimize the loss or impact caused to users as a result.
  4. All questions and answers of TOK are submitted by users or created by the team, and are strictly reviewed and do not involve politically sensitive topics, pornographic violence, various kinds of discrimination, etc. In case of content that violates the customs or laws of each country, as well as copyright issues, please contact the TOK team in time to guarantee timely correction.
  5. The copyright of the relevant statements on this website and the right to modify, update and final interpretation thereof belong to TOK.


Millionaire Land Roadmap
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