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What Is Power Balt (PWRB)? Complete Guide Review About Power Balt.

What Is Power Balt (PWRB)?

The infrastructure of the Power Balt Network was designed after researching the ideals, shortcomings and advantages of other blockchain token offerings over the last half a decade. Failing to address or align the economic incentives of the target market participants hampered the execution of many projects. The philosophy of the Pareto Network can be extended to existing and future crypto asset offerings to attract capital to this space and realize the shared ideals of evolving the finance sector and the world around it by proxy.

The GYM Rewards project consists of an entire solution to support getting paid for exercising. From the Blockchain that supports Proof of Exercise to the Pareto Rewards Exchange for Pareto and other partners to come and exchange Pareto Tokens. There is no need to wait for exchanges to support and there is no need to take the risk of getting stuck with useless tokens.

The Pareto Rewards app is a patent pending app that rewards you for exercising at the GYM by introducing Proof of Exercise to the blockchain. The more you exercise at the GYM, the more GYM Coins you will earn. Power Balt are redeemable at your local participating gyms and will be trad-able at participating cryptocurrency exchanges.

Power Balt Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePower Balt
Short NamePWRB
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply250,418
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Smart Contracts at scale

The most celebrated aspect of blockchain technology is that information is stored in an immutable ledger without the need for a central authority or intermediary. Despite this, not enough attention is paid to the negative impact created when an input to the blockchain is not trustworthy. Power Balt Proof of Trust (PoT) protocol as a multi-platform blockchain application that enables real-world inputs to be validated by decentralized participants in settling Smart Contracts at scale.

While Proof of Work and Proof of Stake provide distributed trust for data storage, the introduction of PoT provides distributed trust for data input. By adding a trustworthy application protocol layer, real world interaction and events can be verified before being entered into the blockchain.

A ERC20 Compliant Token that runs on the Global Ethereum Network which allows credit card rewards points to transfer between participating financial institutions issuing credit cards. Participating banks will be able to allow consumers the choice to transfer these tokens between Credit Cards and rewards Points Programs instantly and safely which never expires. Power Balt are transferable between Rewards Programs, Participating Merchants, Banks and ERC20 Compatible Wallets.


Power Baltn Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why, he discusses the many ways that companies who have lost their vision, purpose, and reason struggle to remain in business. Among their sales techniques are manipulation, lowered prices, using promotions, fear, aspirations, peer pressure and novelties. None of these techniques are sufficient to grow the necessary loyal customer base to sustain long term business growth.

Only starting with Why and clearly communicating the Why works. Asset Token’s strong platform enables companies to issue crypto reward loyalty points to build the necessary consumer cult-like following to be successful at building a loyal following.

Commandments and Carpenter’s Cup

ASET And so Asset Token ERC20 took its leave from the land of the closed sourced blockchains and headed to a new frontier — the land of freedom and ethics for all. Backed by the Ethereum Blockchain and its honorable leader Dennis Lyon, Power Balt sought new land. Asset Token had its challengers on the way, but the members of the Asset Token team summoned the power of the people and God. The Dead Sea opened up, allowing Asset Token ERC20 to pass to a foreign shore where financial and social freedom flourished.

Imperial Food Court

Once upon a time in Ancient Greece, Power Balt was strolling around the Mall of the Gods. He drank the finest nectar from the Imperial Food Court, the sweetest chocolate from Hades’ Candy Shop, and the juiciest salt water taffy from Neptune’s Garden Inn. One day he noticed a young lady, a mortal, who was down on her luck. She had a mountain of credit card debt and no way to pay it off. Her former employer was something new to mortals called a bank.

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