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What Is MDUKEY (MDU)? Complete Guide Review About MDUKEY.


Asset Token ERC20, is now in live pre-sale of its strategic token distribution. MDUKEY currently has a means to distribute a Rewards Token (the Asset Token ERC20 Token) based on real world applications. The magnificent API platform to redeem rewards points works the exact same way as merchants accepting Bitcoin –and it is a seamless technology integration for adopting organizations. Credit cards are nothing new. Founded in the 1850s, credit card type products such as copper and metal coins were used to barter for goods and services.

Plastic credit cards were created in the 1950s and Visa was founded in the mid 1970s. Even the Europay, Mastercard and Visa standard — a chip-based standard that banks created designed to reduce fraud and protect consumers — is just a few years old. As credit cards have evolved, the burdens of security have shifted to retailers and been passed on to consumers. MDUKEY hackers get more and more clever, innovations are needed.

Venture capitalist David Drake was appointed to the Asset Token board advisor team this past week to help bring credit card rewards points to the blockchain. “David’s stellar record as an investor and knack for identifying the winners of tomorrow make him a superb fit for MDUKEY board of advisors,” said Asset Token founder Dennis Lyon. I look forward to working closely with him in the years ahead to move Asset Token forward in new ways.

MDUKEY Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameMDU
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply200,000,000
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Financial Transaction

MDUKEY allows users and enterprises to establish their identities with one another in a secure, verified way so that any transaction–whether it’s to login, share personal information, or complete a financial transaction–can be accomplished quickly, seamlessly and with peace of mind. Creating a Card ID can be done either through the Card App, or a company or entity can build in the technology into their existing Apps via Card (Software Development Kit).

MDUKEY are an integrated part of the Card platform and allow for exchange of compensation between different entities as users share their identity and other information that service providers associate with their identity such as their credit score or college certificate.

Service Providers Requiring

MDUKEY patented Identity Management platform is intended to be easy to use and to remove friction and cost for both users and service providers. This creates economic incentives for using the product. Furthermore, different service providers can use this platform to allow a user to exchange information beyond their simple identity – things such as a credit report that is certified by a credit reporting agency. Exchange of such information requires further compensation between service providers requiring it.

Even the user can be given an incentive for utilizing it. MDUKEY token used for such an exchange to expand and ease the sharing and validating such information and to create   proper micro-compensation for each transaction. The Coin token exchange allows service providers to trade and monetize their identity services. These tokens are also used to offer incentives to users for using their digital identity and to compensate Card for its services.

Smart Economy

NEO’s goal of creating an ecosystem where blockchains make it easier and more transparent for regulatory entities to track resources, as well as, making it easier to perform transactions aligns with your vision. The MDUKEY platform has a broad vision. A multitude of different modules and components will be needed for the run. This ecosystem will involve transactions, history, reporting, transfers, integrations, security, high scalability, and availability. They have a clear vision of the products we will need to build to achieve these goals.

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