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Plato Farm (MARK) Coin Complete Detailed Review About Plato Farm

What Is Plato Farm (MARK) ?

Plato Farm is a metaverse that uses blockchain technology to simulate the evolution of human civilization. Through hard work, players can develop the wildland into a rich and modern home of human civilization, and then create the space civilization. In 390 BC, the great ancient Greek philosopher Plato dreamed of a kingdom of fairness, justice, order, perfection, division of labor, and happiness. Let us work together and build this dreamland together!

Plato Farm (MARK) Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePlato Farm
Short Name(MARK)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply1,095,000,000,000
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Who Are The Founder Of Plato Farm (MARK)?


Play To Earn

Plato Farm project was developed by Second Space Studio and launched in 2018. The core members of the project have developed and operated a wide range of large-scale online games and come from world-renowned game teams and blockchain developers such as Jurassic World Evolution, Frostpunk and Farm Together.

Plato Farm has achieved great success in the North American market, which attracts two million users and over 200,000 DAUs. The game combines the underlying contract technology architecture of the blockchain with completely embedded in-game users who can thrive in its scientific trading system by making money while playing.

Project Vision

Plato Farm believe that the ideal world described by the metaverse will eventually come. Games will be integrated with the blockchain economy, while gameplay will be one way to obtain economic benefits. They are committed to creating a highly playable and enjoyable game in which players can expand their farms, collect game items and earn money. Games like Plato Farm can utilize AR smart wearable devices to provide users with a multi-dimensional Second Space that empowers them with a virtual social identity unattainable in real life. Players can organize decentralized economic and social activities and work together to create an ideal world from the unlimited depths of their imaginations.


5.11 Farm System Players’ achievements are all reflected in the farm system. Farming and breeding are carried out through the farm. Players can purchase production resources and land in their wallets, and earn corresponding rewards through work in the game. For example, at the beginning of the game, the player uses PLATO to buy a planting field, sows the wheat seedlings purchased with MARK on the planting field, waits 30minutes for the wheat to be mature, then harvests it to obtain wheat, and then sells the wheat for MARK which can then be freely traded on the secondary market.

NFT Items

Plato Farm In order to maintain the ecology of Plato Farm, ensure the fairness of DAO governance, and help every Plato Farmers realize the dream of building a uniquely beautiful farm, Plato Farm will limit the quantity of all fixed assets (farmland, fruit field, henhouse, cowshed, pighouse, sheepfold, factories) and stop any additional issuance in the future.Alternatively, all the fixed assets NFTs can only be minted by the players themselves.


This document is not the final version and will be updated from time to time. The purpose of this document is to provide an introduction to the gameplay and economic model of Plato Farm. The information listed in this document may not be exhaustive and does not contain any contractual elements. Nothing in this document shall be deemed to constitute any kind of prospectus or investment attraction.

Faq Of Plato Farm

Where I Can Find Plato Farm Coin Whitepaper ?

You Can Find Plato Farm Whitpaper By Clicking Here

Where I Can Buy/Sell Plato Farm

You Can Buy Or Sell Plato Farm On Some Popular Exchange For Example – Binance , Coinbase , Huobi Etc .

What Is Max Supply Of Plato Farm?

Max Supply Of Plato Farm Is 1,095,000,000,000


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