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What Is PHIT (PHIT)? Complete Guide Review About PHIT.

What Is PHIT (PHIT)?

The distributed accounting technology of blockchain can enable all partiesto establish trust at the technical level, andhave the potential to become the infrastructure to build the future free circulation network of value, that is, the formof value Internet. PHIT Although the time of the widespread arrival of the value Internet is still unknown But from today’s development situation, some value LAN technologies are gradually forming. The anti-globalization thinking has further spread. The distrust of other countries and the vulnerability of the excessive subconcentration of supply chains have become more and more severe.

PHIT this context, blockchain’s value, as a trust delivery machine, has become more visible. From the point of view of the result, block chaintechnologywith distributed, equivalence, etc, difficult to tamper with,transparent mechanism,in the trust, help industryrealize digital transformation, build digital economy infrastructure and liberation of data productivity play natural advantages, gradually in some need cross-border.

PHIT Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePHIT
Short NamePHIT
Circulating Supply400,000,000.00 PHIT
Total Supply600,000,000
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The rise of the concept of the 1.2 Metaverse

Meta Universe (Luckyplanet) It can be simply understood as a virtual world in the real world, and what peoplecan do in reality can be realized in the metaverse. PHIT a wish for the future development of the Internet, the Metaverseisproposed, which is expected to bring changes in the entertainment mode, social mode, social operation efficiencyimprovement and personal value reexploration to the society, and become a long-term exploration direction of thesociety.

PHIT All in general, on technology and on the basis of the traditional Internet, the meta-Universe has put forward higher requirements in many aspects of immersion, participation, sustainability and other aspects, therefore, It will be supportedby many independent tools, platforms, infrastructure, protocols, etc.along withAR VR SGCloud computing andother technologies will improve, and the metaverse is expected to gradually move from concept to reality,In the process of thelanding,NFTIt is expected to become the most important carrier connecting reality and the metaverse.

NFT The rise of the field

NFT, English is calledNon-FungibleToken, Chinese translates into a “non-homogenized token”, acryptocurrency using blockchain technology that can be understood as an advanced version of Bitcoin. In simpleterms, PHIT is a virtual asset that puts specific information on the blockchain through encryption to prove the onlycopyright, and that it is bought and sold through an online trading platform.Unlike Bitcoin,NFT It is inseparable, inseparable and unique. Its records on the blockchain cannot be tampered with or copied, and the transaction records arepublicly visible, therefore NFT.

At present, they can now see clearly, PHIT The main application areas include games, art, domain names, collectibles, virtual assets, real assets certification (ST O) In other fields, especially art and games, they pay high attention in the market. Some game props and artwork are naturally unique and inseparable, just right withNFTCoupling, thereforeNFTIt can effectively prevent the forgery and fraud of such items.

Fusion of the blockchain and the metacaverse

New sky Chain Tour Laboratory was established in 2020 by Professor Johnny Depp. Currently, there are more than 30 technical research and development personnel. They have participated in the development of Alien Worlds, Upland, Axie Infinity and other well-known chain tour, etc., with a complete metaverse ecological construction system. PHIT notify you of material changes to this Privacy Statement 30 days before any such changes become effective. You may also track changes in your Site Policy repository.

This privacy statement does not apply to personal data process as a service provider or data processor on behalf of your enterprise customers. PHIT data processing activities as service processor or data processor is governed by your Data Protection Agreement. If you are a consumer end-user of one of those organizations, you should read that organization’s privacy statement and direct any privacy inquiries to that organization.

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