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Pasarhosting Web Hosting Review: Develop Software Applications.

About Pasarhosting

The best Indonesian web hosting services are available with several package options to suit your needs. Quality and economical Indonesian web hosting with business class facilities with 24/7 ready support. Pasarhosting web hosting uses the best data center and the best network infrastructure in Indonesia to improve website quality. Register a domain name and create your online identity. Use your domain name search field to quickly find your ideal domain choice. Already have a domain registered elsewhere?

A clear and SEO-friendly identity will make your domain prioritized in search engines. Already have a domain registered elsewhere? No problem — domain transfer. Impress your customers with an email address from Corporate email hosting with large email limits and unlimited email accounts. Accompanied by a business class Webmail feature with a beautiful appearance makes you more confident in using email.

Some Quick Facts Pasarhosting Web Hosting

PasarhostingBasic Details
Hosting NamePasarhosting
PriceIDR 10,000/Month
Email Support+62 815-1306-4555
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Pasarhosting Price

Make Your Customers Feel Comfortable

Take your worries away with SSL Certificate security. Pasarhosting SSL Certificate products will keep the interactions of your site users safe while traveling data across the internet. SSL certificates also help you win the trust of customers to transact with your website. VPS does not depend on host kernel, your VPS is well isolated. Overloading on other VPS will have no impact on your VPS. They use servers of good quality with devices intended for enterprises.

Determine Hosting

Looking for speed, convenience, space, or reliability, they have you covered. Choose from Cheap Hosting, Unlimited Hosting, Cloud Hosting, High Performance WordPress Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server options. Pasarhosting try the Website Builder that provide on your cPanel to create a personal or business website. Domain is a unique alias name that refers to an IP address assigned to identify the name of a computer server such as a web server or email server on the internet.

Domains make it easy for users on the internet to access servers and remember the servers they visit instead of having to know a series of numbers or known IPs. Domains can be used as email addresses, website addresses or other internet-based addresses. They usually refer to a domain as a link, URL or website address.

Get Your Business Online

Strengthen your business with the various services they provide. From creating a website easily and quickly, accessing a fast website with LiteSpeed ​​Technologies, a professional email service to make you more confident, guaranteed transaction security with SSL Certificate security, and various best hosting services with complete facilities that are ready to support your business performance. Pasarhosting and whenever you need, don’t hesitate to contact the support team, because they are 24/7 ready to support! for you via livechat on your website or you can contact your Hotline at 0251 834 8484 and also via email to support[@]

Economical price,Business Class Facilities

In addition to offering web hosting at affordable prices, Pasarhosting also always try to provide maximum, quality and best service. For servers, they prioritize speed, because speed is part of everything, including network, hardware, software, support services, and so on. Get optimal speed with the technology they provide for your website. They always UPDATE the latest technology to ensure that your Website will be the fastest & most advanced. A secure hosting server with proactive defense from Imunify360 that will always protect your data from malware. Apart from malware, they also regularly back up your data to minimize the potential for data loss.

Memorize letters

DNS or domain name server is a server that is used to find out the IP address or host through the host name it has. Pasarhosting On the internet, computers communicate using IP addresses. One computer with another computer will recognize each other’s IP address. However, this will be difficult for humans to do, humans will find it difficult to remember every IP address number because humans themselves will find it easier to memorize letters or words.

Therefore, a domain was created that functions to replace the number in the IP address to make it easier to remember. The main function of a DNS server is to translate host names (hostnames) into IP addresses or vice versa so that the name of a host will be easier for users to remember. Another function of DNS is to provide information about a host to the entire internet.

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