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Spryservers Web Hosting Review: Affordable Hosting for Any Sized Business.

About Spryservers

Highly secure, Tier 3+ datacenters. Full network and power redundancy. Multiple datacenter locations. 99.99% Uptime SLA. All of your VPS hypervisors, shared and reseller servers are connected via a minimum of a 1 Gbps port. All shared hosting uses 100% SSD storage. Spryservers take pride in getting to know your customers. Your one-on-one support is unparalleled in response time and issue resolution. This is a robust and highly scalable platform for constructing, trading and exchanging advanced algorithmically generated on-demand datasets for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts. Datasets remain at the core of most advances in ML and Al.

A data set is typically made up of rows and columns, similar to an organized matrix or spreadsheet. Specifically, columns contain features along with continuously valued attributes or scores. These features and their scored attributes are stored as ‘super columns’ and can be automatically engineered, traded or exchanged by machines without human intervention. This can also be done with full anonymity using Spryservers tokens to execute and transact smart contracts where each data set or each individual feature column in any data set can be treated as a trade able asset which is transacted and executed via smart contracts on the blockchain.

Some Quick Facts Spryservers Web Hosting

SpryserversBasic Details
Hosting NameSpryservers
Email Support+1 844-799
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Spryservers Price

Smart Contracts

The primary objective in extending the commercially released platform is to enable anyone or any machine to anonymously assemble unique and highly valued datasets made up of Spryservers super columns and ‘package’ these datasets with their own algorithms, along with monetary value transacted via smart contracts where Starmine tokens are used. Each super column, entire data set and complete ‘package’ will have its own value placed on it by its current owner. Once any of these is created, they can be traded, exchanged, bought or sold.

Traditional Monitoring Systems

The Spryservers team has vast expirience building traditional monitoring systems for almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts for the European market. Starmine present IoT solution for agriculture was developed in early 2017 and deployed later in the same year. This year, they’re launching the Starmine cryptocurrency based on the blockchain Ethereum ERC20 standard as the next step in developing the project.

By bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IoT and blockchain, and Starmine vast experience in crop cultivation they are serving an agriculture (“Ag”) ecosystem focused on highly technologized crop growing, processing, and distribution. Spryservers bring the high efficiency of IoT and transparency of blockchain into every stage of the entire life cycle of agricultural business sectors. 

Customers and Community Members

Spryservers blockchain solution for the global agriculture ecosystem. A company enables growers to make smarter, faster agricultural and business decisions based on real data. This is an Ethereum token that enables cannabis market participants (such as growers, producers, innovators, retailers, and service providers) in your network to accept digital payments from their customers and community members and used inside your network as a mean of payment.

They have an end-to-end solution that uses Blockchain in two dimensions a) underlying technology for the Pavo coin cryptocurrency b) to secure data collected from sensors at the agricultural crop, all the way from the field or indoor farm, to secure cloud computing platform. Further, they have the capability to provide a UPIN – Unique Starmine Identification Number, for each plant, so that each plant of each harvest lot can be uniquely tracked from the field or indoor farm, all the way through the supply chain.

Capability of Blockchain

Spryservers is an Ethereum-based blockchain company that creates a decentralized, autonomous cashless, transparent and secure payment solution and ecosystem for the global gambling industry. It also tackles user KYC processes, making the Lucre wallet and app, not only a safe, decentralized, single hub for player bankrolls, but also a single-login solution for all partner casinos across the globe. Going a step further, Starmine also brings the security and capability of Blockchain to hardware, merging with technology made popular and brings that to casinos cages, table games, player bands, rings, and everything else tomorrow’s IoT can deliver.

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