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What Is OUSE Token (OUSE)? Complete Guide Review About OUSE Token.

What Is OUSE Token (OUSE)?

OUSE Token purpose is to generate publicity around the Token project. In addition, Token aims to create a fictional, celebrity-driven NFT Marketplace in the metaverse. Plans are underway to make the Token have functionality. In the future, users of Token will be able to buy and sell NFTs on a Web3 Marketplace, a mobile app, and in the metaverse. If you are seeking a phenomenal real estate agent to handle your next transaction then Tai is your man. With pride and passion, Savet fulfils the requirements of his clientele matching their needs with properties that best suit their unique way of life.

Savet is associated with Agents of LA Inc., a unique brokerage firm headquartered in Los Angeles CA., this enables Savet to offer access to firstrate tools and resources that will aid you on your real estate search or sale, allowing you to make confident decisions and ensuring that your transaction closes seamlessly. OUSE Token professionalism and experiences make him incredibly well suited for handling your purchase and or sale of Los Angeles’s A-List real estate as well as managing the expectations of high-end clientele.

OUSE Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOUSE Token
Short NameOUSE
Circulating Supply3,999.34B OUSE
Total Supply34,956,541
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


Plans to expand on to other cryptocurrency exchanges are on the horizon. Secondly, OUSE will enable the OUSE Token to buy and sell NFTs of 3D real estate renderings on a Web3 marketplace. Finally, OUSE Token will roll out a metaverse NFT marketplace and fictional virtual world for both mobile and VR headsets on the OUSE Platform in the metaverse. Token will include offering properties up for sale, establishing escrow, buying properties, accepting or rejecting offers, and collecting payments. Token makes use of TrustWallet and MetaMask wallet to hold the Token. The token currently trades on PancakeSwap and will be on on December 27th, 2021.


The fungible OUSE Token to be traded for NFTs on the OUSE Platform. OUSE is based on BEP20; it runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using a cryptocurrency wallet like TrustWallet or MetaMask. provides both a written explanation and a video on how to buy Token on PancakeSwap. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs of virtual assets on the OUSE Platform. Non-fungible tokens are unique and not interchangeable. Buyers of NFTs own the assets, which are validated by blockchain technology.

Business Model

OUSE Token future functionality is to include buying and selling NFTs on the Token platform. The Token platform will be a fictionalized metaverse NFT marketplace inspired by real-world Los Angeles neighborhoods. Users will become citizens of the OUSE platform by purchasing a real estate NFTs property. Many of the first properties on the OUSE platform will be owned by celebrities. Companies will bid on street naming rights. Citizens can buy real estate NFTs on exclusive blocks on the metaverse. The Token platform has a process similar to a multiple listing service.


OUSE Token raised from Token Sales will not fund Ouse the Company’s future projects such as the creation, development, launch, and/or management of its real estate platform, NFT sales, and/or other goods and services (collectively “Metaverse”). Instead, this funding will come from Ouse the Company’s current Officers, Directors, and Board Members and/or a separate, private equity raise. Since Token Sales will not be funding the creation or running of the Metaverse, Token Owners will not share in Ouse the Company’s profits.

The sole profit potential Token holders can expect, if any, will come from 1) The buying and selling of Tokens on the open market, and 2) The resale of NFT’s and other goods originally purchased from Ouse The Company or bought elsewhere for use in the metaverse. Once purchased, these NFT’s and other goods will become the Buyer’s sole and separate property and be freely transferable without the need to get Ouse The Company’s additional permission.

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