OmniFlix Airdrop Review: Decentralized Media and Network layer

OmniFlix Airdrop Review: Decentralized Media and Network layer

About OmniFlix Airdrop

OmniFlix Airdrop is an interchain network for creators & communities to mint, manage & monetize media NFTs and social tokens. It’s a p2p network for creators & sovereign communities to create/mint, distribute & monetize digital/crypto-media (#NFTs) & community interactions.

OmniFlix is airdropping free FLIX tokens to various Cosmos and ecosystem participants. ATOM stakers, Osmosis LPs, Akash, Agoric, Ki, Sentinel, Juno Network, Osmosis, Comdex and Stargaze validators, node hosts that validated on FlixNet-1, FlixNet-2 & FlixNet-3, campaign participants on FlixNet-2 and FlixNet-3, historical users of alpha., ION holders, Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno Network, EXN and other community pools/DAOs that helped or will further bootstrap the Network will be eligible for the airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on January 22nd, 2022.

Token NameOmniFlix
Airdrop Starts2022-01-22
Token Per ClaimN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Omniflix will be airdropping free FLIX to various Cosmos and OmniFlix ecosystem participants.
  2. A snapshot of eligible users will be taken on January 22nd, 2022.
  3. Eligible users are:
    • ATOM stakers
    • Osmosis LPs
    • Akash, Agoric, Ki, Sentinel, Juno Network, Osmosis, Comdex and Stargaze validators
    • Node hosts that validated on FlixNet-1, FlixNet-2 & FlixNet-3
    • Campaign participants on FlixNet-2 and FlixNet-3
    • Historical users of
    • ION holders
    • Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno Network, EXN and other community pools/DAOs that helped or will further bootstrap the OmniFlix Network
  4. Additional details will be announced after the snapshot.
  5. The rewards will be distributed after the LBP.
  6. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this article.



Omniscient inter-chain assets and communities with token-gated pools, fractional ownership, royalties and more!


Protocol for creating, distributing and monetizing interchain web3 assets for creators and sovereign communities (and DAOs)

Markets & Marketplaces

on-chain markets and off-chain web3 marketplaces for interchain NFT distribution & monetization (sovereign & white-labeled)

Community Middleware

  1. Incentivization of on-chain interactions
  2. Collaborative content creation, curation & distribution
  3. Secure access using NFTs and Token gating

Network Overview

Creators & Communities

Agencies, Studios, Products & other networks.

Assets & Distribution

Media NFTs, Creator tokens, Token-gating, Memberships, Content Pools, Collaborations, etc.

OmniFlix Hub

Validators securing the main/root chain

Service providers

Relayers, APIs & App services

p2p Infrastructure

Storage, Compute, CDN & DNS.





Origin + CDN


Live Encoders

Video Transcoders

AI/ML Models






App Engines

API Providers


Participiate in a decentralized economy by running infrastructure for network.

dApps Ecosystem

cross-chain apps backed by contracts with privacy and security.


Create tokenized assets & communities. Mint, manage, monitor both NFTs and other tokens powering your community.


Platform to self-publish digital media & NFTs from across networks. open-source & white-labeled for Enterprises, Studios, DAOs, communities & more!

Discover NFTs from across networks either via linear broadcasts, curated asset pools or even interactive videos.

Open-source & White-labeled for enterprises, Media Studios, Record Labels along with DAOs & communities.

Single profile to showcase your digital media NFTs/collectibles from across chains & networks.

Cross-chain Assets & dApps

Create and deploy Assets & dApps/contracts across multiple chains like Ethereum, Cosmos etc, powered by IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication).

Won the Best Custom Zone award in Cosmos Game of Zones

along with grants from various networks *Launched Cosmic Compass Console (alpha) (an infura for Cosmos-based sovereign chains)

Why OmniFlix?

Omniscient Interchain Assets

Mint, manage & distribute media assets, across multiple chains powered by NFTs, with extensible rights for fractionalization of ownership and increased distribution.

Sovereign Communities

Run fully decentralized public & private sovereign communities backed by on-chain governance, incentives, asset pools, memberships, social tokens (community/creator/fan tokens) and more.

Collaborative Content Pools

Launch and participate in decentralized inter-chain collaborative media asset pools backed by NFTs and power content within dApps/contracts for transparent collaboration, effective distribution and higher monetization.

Interchain Markets

IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) based marketplace protocols to help creators and communities participate across multiple blockchain networks/chains to exchange (and/or) distribute assets.