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What Is Offline (OFF)? Complete Guide Review About Offline.

What Is Offline (OFF)?

The goal of launching this crypto project – Offline. Exchange – is to aid in the expansion of blockchain use. This platform operates in the offline mode, as the name indicates. This implies that you don’t need any kind of internet connection to conduct your crypto transactions. It is simple to use, quick, and efficient. Because you would not be utilizing an internet connection for your transactions, you will not have to worry about the status, location, or internet connectivity costs. This also allows billions of mobile phones to connect to it.

You will initially be given a virtual phone number that reflects your crypto wallet. So, if you pay crypto to someone’s virtual phone number, it will be deposited immediately into his account. This transaction takes no time at all; it is completed instantaneously. You have two alternatives for completing the purchase. You have the option of sending a message or calling the IVR SYSTEM. The approach you employ is determined by the kind of phone you have and your level of extroversion.

Offline Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOffline
Short NameOFF
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply90,000,000
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How does it works?

When you send cryptocurrency to a phone number, you are sending it to an account. The transaction is completed promptly, and you have two options via the IVR system or by sending a text message. Offline receiver is not enrolled on the platform, the transaction can still be transferred; in this case, the sender will simply provide the receiver’s wallet address rather than their mobile number. This type of trading will be backed up and carried out using blockchain technology.

The platform also has no minimum transaction costs between accounts anywhere in the world. Any transaction between Offline. Exchange users will be free of charge, implying that the user is merely sending a standard SMS and the rest is free. Even if the user is roaming, he can conduct business with any platform’s registered users at the standard roaming SMS charge. If the transaction is made through a platform wallet, the mining fees are paid to the cryptocurrency miners who process the transaction and safeguard the network, with no share of the cost going to the platform.


  • Cloud Phone System : The Cloud-Phone system is a phone service that allows you to get a virtual phone number or make Calls , Fax, SMS & MMS over the internet.
  • NFT’S : Enable users to send or mint NFT’s through text messages or Web
  • AutoSwap : The AutoSwap would allow OFFline trader to buy or sell crypto at a specific price or better.
  • Autobuy : can only be executed at the limit price or lower.
  • AutoSell : can only be executed at the limit price or higher.
  • Remote Access : Enable users to access their accounts through different phone numbers , It works on IVR and SMS
  • BroadCast : enable users to broadcast a signed raw transaction through text message.
  • Virtual Phone Number : Users could use Virtual Phone number as a Wallet to receive Crypto or making online VOIP calls to any mobile phone using internet.
  • 1 SMS SignUp : Instantly create Crypto wallet without Internet using simple text message.
  • Swap : The Swap features would allow users to Swap tokens instantly via SMS , CALL , or Online , at the most recent Market price.


Offline team is also creating a new hardware wallet that is able to send Cryptocurrencies offline. The HardWare will be exceptional from all the hardwares in the market. It will contain a USB , WiFi and a GSM module (NO LCD SCREEN).

  • The GSM module will help to send text messages to the OFFLINE number through AT-Commands
  • WiFi / USB : Users can connect to the hardware through WiFi access point , or USB port .

The device will be capable of:

  • Creating a Crypto wallet Offline and storing private keys on it Signing offline Raw transactions
  • BroadCast : will enable users to broadcast a signed raw transaction through text message.
  • AutoSwap : will allow for setting Buy/Sell order via SMS.
  • Swap : Allow trader to buy or sell crypto at the most recent Market price. Sending & Receiving SMS / MMS
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