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What Is Nintia Estate (NINTI) ? Complete Guide & Review About Nintia Estate

What Is Nintia Estate (NINTI) ?

Nintia Estate is an NFT Play-To-Earn game that aims to turn its players into Real Estate investors through renting, buying, selling and maintaining properties. All of this happens in Nintia, beautiful country, which hosts 4 different cities, each one with its own features and life costs. It is built on Binance Smart Chain and is fully accessible to any type of player who wishes to a browser play-to-earn game that allows users to buy, sell, and earn NFT assets that will be stored on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). Whether you are a small investor or a high-risk stakeholder

Nintia Estate welcomes everyone. All of this happens in beautiful country of , which hosts 4 different cities, and a space where real-life market conditions take place, as well as the cooperation of thousands of users looking to be one step ahead and take advantage. Users will look to obtain a piece of land construct their properties on them; more land and more properties equals a higher passive income as well as having a bigger and more respectable empire!

Nintia Estate (NINTI) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNintia Estate
Short Name(NINTI)
Circulating Supply5,466,070.00 NINTI
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Vision Mission

Nintia Estate The main goal of is to merge the perks that NFT games offer and the simplicity of regular self-intuitive games. In addition, want players to relate to real-life concepts while granting them the opportunity to understand and play the game no matter how much experience they have. Users will be rewarded for participating and contributing to the ecosystem no matter the size of their investment. find it fascinating how the real estate market works and how stakeholders make strategic decisions, for that reason want to provide everyone the opportunity to have an important role on this amazing experience and to be able to acquire digital assets with enough time and work

How Does It Work

Nintia Estate Players will be able to earn rewards from different sources; these rewards will be in the form of tokens that can be either exchanged in cryptocurrency markets, used in marketplace, or within the game. Users can earn tokens by:

  1. 1.Cleaning and repairing other player’s assets. This is crucial because having happy NPC tenants will allow every player to receive higher rewards.
  2. 2.Owning NFT assets and receiving passive income.
  3. 3.Buying and selling NFTs at marketplace.
  4. 4.Investing in Gacha rolls for a chance to acquire incredible and rare NFTs for a low price.
  5. 5.Competing in the Leaderboard Seasonal Challenge.
  6. 6.Playing PVP game mode.

Nintia Estate Any user should be able to learn how to become a successful and independent investor. For that matter, we will provide you with resources to learn more about the game and its mechanics. These resources will include detailed walkthroughs, asset management tutorials, videos and FAQs.

Easy Gameplay

Nintia Estate Anyone can play Estate without any prior knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies; there is a wealth of content about the game online for anyone who wants to learn.

Performance and Scalability

Nintia Estate know how frustrating it is for a player to deal with downed servers, so use Amazon Web Services (AWS) from day 1 to ensure game scalability and investment security.

Low initial Investment

Nintia Estate Estate aims to allow any type of investor to produce and obtain rewards no matter how much they initially invest, as well as to offer enough options to find the most attractive and efficient investment for them.


Nintia Estate A mad scientist of dubious provenance has warned us of the current electrical demands of cities and that measures must be taken to maintain the energy sustainability of , for it is only a matter of time before properties begin to fail and what fear the most occurs: Upset tenants! beloved scientist named Tony has come up with a long-term solution to this energy crisis. An innovative electrical system has been implemented to supply the demand of the cities. The service will be provided by a new company whose services will be priced as follows:

These bonuses are per property per day. If include the cost, the net income bonuses are 10% for all kinds of properties. However, the company sees a lot of potential in those investors with land and properties, so it is willing to offer a series of progressive discounts according to the amount of NFTs they own. If you pay with any discount, this net bonus will be higher. These discounts apply to both the $NINTI and BNB rates and are as follows:

  • Discount for holding $NINTI: 10% discount for having 100 $NINTI in your wallet, in case of having 1000 NINTI a 20% discount is granted. (Not cumulative, it is only one of the two).
  • Discount for owning land: the company will give a one-time 15% discount for those users who own at least 1 land.
  • Property discount: Those users who own from 2 properties onwards can count on a 4% discount for each property up to a maximum of 20% with 6 properties, ie: