Nftgate Airdrop Review: Earn Maximum 5 Referral


The platform Unlocking the mainstream by accelerating NFTs based projects through its-additional the platform provides applications are yield and collectible store The platform builds on Binance smart chain, Ethereum and Polkadot. The token investors: They are able to participate in IDO token offering by holding native token $gate staking or holding or liquidity $gate token. first Multi Chain IDO launchpad dedicated to NFTs project. NFT gate is multichain IDO platform supports token sale fundraise for NFT based projects who are vision to disrupt NFTs space by innovate ideas. The platform IDO builds on multiple blockchain networks like Binance smart chain, Ethereum and Polkadot to support multiple blockchain NFT based projects.

Referral Reward5 Referral
End Date30 Apr 2021
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Estimated Value50 USD
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Gate Launchpad gate empowers the crypto community and upcoming high-potential NFT projects through completely decentralized token auctions. NFT Gate community members can stake Gate tokens to participate in a variety of whitelisting, seed funding, and private sales campaign and support their favorite NFT projects.

NFTs lending protocol provides the best interest pools for lenders and borrowers per NFT-baked fungible tokens. The platform hosts an open-source, non-custodial DeFi lending protocol that brings flexible pool protocols to lenders and borrowers.

Gate marketplace

The market place looks to achieve mass adoption of the NFTs by bringing a larger user-base to the NFT space. NFT Gate empowers each user with a simple user-interface, authentic auctions, easy trades, and the support for multiple wallets.


NFT Gate gives crypto startups access to the multiple resources that help drive their unique NFTs project ideas from paper to mainstream



Raise funds for your NFT projects through a fully equipped multi-chain launchpad.

NFTs lend Seamlessly issue and avail loans in NFT-baked fungible crypto tokens with our NFT-collateralized lending protocol.

NFTs Yield

Earn a passive income from your NFT portfolio through NFT-baked fungible token yield farming.

Collectible store

Trade highly-authenticated NFTs with exclusive limited-edition tokens on the collectibles store.

Fast Customer Support offer competitive pricing for all the services and fast customer support so you can achieve your investment goals quickly and confidently. There are no hidden fees nor are there any middle men. They believe in processes that are cost-effective, transparent, and efficient.

100% Easy

The easiest and simplest method to get your $GATE is here! Complete these quick and easy tasks. Airdrop participants will receive GATE tokens after TGE. Referral Reward: Maximum 5 Referral.