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What Is Nft-maker? (NMKR) Complete Guide Review About Nft-maker.

What Is Nft-maker?

Nft-maker Coin is a Cardano native token for utility purposes within the NFT-MAKER.IO ecosystem. The ecosystem strives to provide an Nft-makeruser experience with products such as marketplace, minting API, wallet, stake pool, payment gateway, award shows, NFT licenses, game launchpad, and Whitelabel marketplaces. The team behind NFT-MAKER is making NFTs accessible for everyone.

Nft-maker Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNft-maker Coin
Short NameNMKR
Circulating Supply1.18B NMKR
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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What Makes NMKR Unique?

Nft-maker as a centerpiece within the ecosystem aims to enable interaction with NFTs as a seamless experience for any user. NMKR will make the voices of the community heard as the community will decide what changes will apply in the ecosystem ranging from how rewards should be adjusted or how NFT projects get verified for their authenticity. Ultimately this token will represent a user’s engagement within the Cardano NFT space and they plan to ensure it has the highest possible utility for all things NFT-related.


NMKR also happens to be the first ever Cardano native token to be listed on a CEX. In accordance with the Liechtenstein Blockchain Laws, LCX conducted and managed the token sale as a registered token issuer. The NMKR token sale has been registered with the Financial Market Authority and conducted in a compliant manner, as LCX’s audit-ready platform helps maintain compliance with global regulations and issue fully compliant tokens under their regulatory roof. For non-compliance reasons, the token was not offered in the US or China with LCX.


Starting with Nft-maker Coin Minting API as the technical foundation, they continue to build tools and services to make it as easy as possible for you, your customers and the crypto community to engage with NFTs.


A highly robust and scaleable NFT API that allows developers to use NFTs in whichever way they imagine. By taking away the complexity of Cardano development they aim to make NFT development as easy as possible.

Payment Gateway

The Nft-maker Payment Gateway acts as a checkout system to standardise the buying experience. They support every major Cardano wallet, and it can be integrated into a variety of products very easily.

Whitelabel drops

They are helping artists & brands to launch their NFT collections. In close collaboration with over 25+ artists they helped some incredible projects to get into the NFT space.

Marketplace – Coming Soon

By building an easily accessible NFT marketplace focused on user experience and onboarding of new artists and NFT enthusiasts, they aim to lower the barrier to entry into the NFT space.

CNFT Awards

Nft-maker Coin are bringing the community together for a celebration to bring the spotlight to the communities favourite Cardano NFT projects.

NFT License – Coming Soon

A question that is often unclear when purchasing NFTs. To provide more clarity on the legal situation of NFTs they are standardising NFT Licenses in close collaboration with the lawyers.

Web Wallet – Coming Soon

A wallet focused on creating a better user experience for NFT collectors and especially crypto-beginners. By building this wallet, they will lower the barrier to entry and help bring NFTs to the masses.

Cardano Stake Pool – Coming Soon

The Nft-maker Stakepool pays out ADA every five days to its delegators and on top of that grants discounts for all NFT-MAKER products and provides $NMKR tokens and NFT airdrops.

Game Lauchpad – Coming Soon

They are building a video game digital distribution service focused specifically on the traditional Indie Gaming Scene & Non-Play-To-Earn Games. Allowing creators and developers to use NFTs to crowdfund their games and solve digital rights management issues.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace – Coming Soon

By Nft-maker Coin creating a simple to use system to launch your very own branded NFT marketplace they want to make NFTs more attractive to artists not interested in launching their Art on Crypto-community-focused NFT marketplaces.