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Nano Web Hosting Review: Hosting company in Latvia by the number of domains and websites.

About Nano

Nano Developer Documentation. This documentation is for learning to develop applications for MetaMask. MetaMask was created to meet the needs of secure and usable Ethereum-based web sites. In particular, it handles account management and connecting the user to the blockchain. MetaMask allows users to manage accounts and their keys in a variety of ways, including hardware wallets, while isolating them from the site context.

Nano is a great security improvement over storing the user keys on a single central server, or even in local storage, which can allow for mass account thefts. This security feature also comes with developer convenience developers, you simply interact with the globally available ethereum API that identifies the users of web3-compatible browsers (like MetaMask users), and whenever you request a transaction signature, MetaMask will prompt the user in as comprehensible a way as possible.

Some Quick Facts Nano Web Hosting

NanoBasic Details
Hosting NameNano
Price4.50 €
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+371 66 100 000
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Nano Price

How It Works?

This method returns a Promise that resolves to a boolean indicating if Meta Mask is unlocked by the user. Nano must be unlocked in order to perform any operation involving user accounts. Note that this method does not indicate if the user has exposed any accounts to the caller. This section documents your legacy provider API. Meta Mask only supported this API before the provider API was standardized 2020. Because of this, you may find web3 sites that use this API, or other providers that implement it.


Nano uses the Parity on-chain registry of function signatures to display method names on the confirm screen. For many common method names, like token methods, this allows Meta Mask to successfully look up the method names by their method signature (opens new window). However, sometimes you’re using a method that is not in that on-chain registry, and Meta Mask will simply display contract interaction to the user.


Deep links enable instant invocation of the user’s preferred wallet application with correctly parameterized transactions. Nano (authenticated) user can confirm the transaction, and the wallet can be a web, mobile or desktop app. URLs embedded in QR codes, hyperlinks in web pages, emails, or chat messages enable robust, cross-application signaling between otherwise loosely coupled applications.

Creating a URL so your users can open your app directly in Meta Mask Mobile to interact with your application with their Ethereum account. Providing a one-click experience such that users can easily make payments to another account (with pre-filled parameters like recipient address, amount, network, etc.) Let your users make gas less and instant transactions with Connect payment channel requests.

The Company Marketing

The marketing will be used only for the sole purpose of marketing. No funds from the marketing will be used to pay any team members since they will have a designated portion of tax dedicated for the team to be 100% transparent. Promotions, advertisements, token partnerships and giveaways are a few of the things to be funded by the marketing allocation.

Nano want to keep a balanced amount of liquidity for the token to create a healthy growth and accommodate everyone who decides to invest in your project. This company aim to have an lp ratio above 10% of total market cap to prevent massive pump and dumps again to accommodate all of your investors and protect your bags.


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