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About is a large infrastructure project with own industrial mining center based in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia, established by the order of Armenian Government. Hrazdan heat and power station supplies ECOS data center with power ensuring the energy safety as well as the potential growth of capacity up to 200 MW. Due to own AI system improves the mining indicators and lets its clients earn more.

The long-term relationship with the leading equipment manufacturers, ECOS is designed to be one of the first to get the most modern and efficient mining equipment to ensure the highest profits. The company is actively growing and is developing a whole range of new innovative products to meet the market most sophisticated demands.

Service Fee0.05$
Maintenance FeeZero Maintenance Fee
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
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Calculate your cloud mining profit Mining Review: Easy Payment Process

How does the platform work??

To mine BTC they need to have real mining equipment installed. The miners need to be maintained (and repaired if needed) and supplied with electricity. All this is fulfilled by our staff, and is included in the service fee. You rent the hash power provided by the equipment and daily receive your payouts to the account dashboard, to which you have full access 24/7.


The major concern of anyone willing to invest in cryptocurrency is reliability. Thankfully this is the last thing you need to worry about in case of ECOS Mining. Reason being, ECOS operates in Free Economic Zone. It is established by the Armenian Government which gives it an extra point when it comes to reliability.

Benefits revenue from sales of mining contracts is spent on new modern equipment to expand the current data centers and to build new ones. They aim to become the leaders on the cryptocurrency market. After you purchased a contract you start receiving revenue in BTC, the cryptocurrency, exchange rate of which is growing. The service fee is taken for equipment rent, its maintenance, repair, electricity supply.

Referral Program

ECOS Cloud Mining Referral program Invite new users and get 10% of revenue from cloud mining contracts to your account in ECOS system. According to the ECOS Cloud Mining referral program the user (referrer), providing a referral link for registration of new users, gets 10% of the referral contract.

The user, who purchased any mining contract in ECOS Cloud Mining system (except for promo contracts), can generate one or several referral links in ECOS Cloud Mining system which lead to the new user registration page.

Ecos DeFi Platform

Mining and Cloud Mining are the main ways to get Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies. They can assure you that we have something that solves the main problems of blockchain for a beginner as well as for an experienced user in the whole world, and it is “ECOS” Wallet.

Ecos DeFi Platform is a secure and simple multi-currency wallet for managing all your crypto assets in one screen. The ecosystem allows you to reduce mining costs and also helps you to get the best solutions from cloud mining, effectively distributing and investing your crypto assets and Bitcoin. Here’s what they offer.

The ECOS DeFi Wallet App main functions:

-BITCOIN, Ethereum, USDT, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, all major coins in your multi-currency crypto wallet
– Crypto Exchange – you can easily and securely exchange your cryptocurrencies 24/7 and sell the accumulated Bitcoin
– Regular income – deposit and freeze your tokens to earn interest rate
– Cloud Mining – get access to real mining power without any skill or experience
– Predict mining income using the profitability calculator
– Pay for a mining contract using Visa and MasterCard
– Get access to the best cryptocurrency investment portfolios powered by Deep Analytics
– Safe storage of cryptocurrencies and fast Bitcoin withdrawal during their growth
– Follow the market! Cryptocurrency Price Widget helps you get the most out of Cloud Mining
– Detailed history of transactions and operations with Bitcoin and other coins.


Cloud mining (is the process of mining cryptocurrency using a remote data center with total processing power) allows you to take all the profits and reinvest them back into the business to increase the hash rate. Earlier, Bitcoin updated its historical maximum, exceeding the cost of $ 49.7k. This led to a shortage of mining equipment. The price of new devices for mining cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin has also increased. The Bitcoin market remains bullish and all declines should be taken as an opportunity to open long positions. Those wishing to purchase cryptocurrency, invest in Bitcoin, and master cloud mining should learn how to work with the Wallet.

ECOS Ecosystem

Mining (is the activity of creating new blocks to ensure the functioning of cryptocurrency platforms using mining devices) has faced great demand, since manufacturers have already sold all the latest models. At the same time, the activity in the market of used devices is now at its peak, so using cloud mining as a way to grow assets and the number of Bitcoin is the most optimal solution! – You can also order mining equipment in the ecosystem.

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