Ecos Mining Review: Easy Payment Process

Ecos Mining Central Review: Easy Payment Process

About Ecos Mining

Ecos Mining company was founded in 2017 in Armenia. The basis was the idea of creating a Free Economic Zone in Armenia for high-tech IT startups based on blockchain technology and AI (Artificial intelligence) .

In October 2018, an agreement on the establishment of a Free Economic Zone in Armenia was signed between ECOS and the Government of Armenia.

In December 2018, the Free Economic Zone was launched in Armenia to develop the digital cluster, including support and development of mining infrastructure.

The first resident of the Free Economic Zone Ecos Mining M has launched its own equity mining service Cloud Mining, which is located in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

Ecos Mining and the Hrazdan TPP have signed an agreement on the allocation of more than 200 MW of Power Capacity in the Free Economic Zone, where an industrial mining center is being built, designed for hundreds of thousands of devices.

ECOS-M and the Hrazdan TPP have signed an agreement on the allocation of more than 200 MW of Power Capacity in the Free Economic Zone, where an industrial mining center is being built, designed for hundreds of thousands of devices.

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Ecos Mining Review: Easy Payment Process

For investors

Ecos Mining provides an opportunity to invest both in infrastructure projects and in the projects of residents of the FEZ.

Investors have two investment options:

– choose portfolio investment

ECOS team up with other investors in the venture capital fund. The team up with other investors in the ECOS venture capital fund.

ECOS will soon launch its own closed venture capital fund with an aggregate capital of about $ 20 million.

The minimum entry threshold to the fund is 50 thousand dollars. More than 40 projects will be financed/ will get financial support through the ECOS venture capital fund.

For residents

The Free Economic Zone is located on the territory of Armenia in Hrazdan, which activities are aimed at the development of high-tech technologies/ high technologies in the country.

Moreover, within the framework of the Free Economic Zone on the territory of the Hrazdan thermal power plant, an industrial mining center Ecos Mining will be launched, which will become part of the technology cluster for innovative start-ups and companies, and will also serve as the data center of the FEZ.

Ecos Mining will ensure:

  1. Daily payouts
  2. Mining revenue generated by real equipment
  3. Your share of mining equipment
  4. Easy payment process

How does the platform work??

To mine BTC they need to have real mining equipment installed. The miners need to be maintained (and repaired if needed) and supplied with electricity. All this is fulfilled by staff, and is included in the service fee. You rent the hash power provided by the equipment and daily receive your payouts to the account dashboard, to which you have full access 24/7.


Ecos Mining depends on a number of factors: selected contract, number of TH/s and duration of contract; cost of electricity and models of used equipment; as well as on current market conditions: network difficulty and BTC exchange rate.


The revenue from sales of mining contracts is spent on new modern equipment to expand the current data centers and to build new ones. They aim to become the leaders on the cryptocurrency market. After you purchased a contract you start receiving revenue in BTC, the cryptocurrency, exchange rate of which is growing. The service fee is taken for equipment rent, its maintenance, repair, electricity supply.

Unique Ecosystem

Ecos Mining unique ecosystem has been created on the basis of the FEZ, where infrastructure services will operate: from educational and communication projects, research laboratories to electronic platforms for attracting investments in developing projects.Residents of the ECOS free zone receive a zero rate of VAT and ill be exempted/excluded from income tax for 25 years.

Referral Program

ECOS Cloud Mining Referral program Invite new users and get 10% of revenue from cloud mining contracts to your account in system.

According to theCloud Mining referral program the user (referrer), providing a referral link for registration of new users, gets 10% of the referral contract.

The user, who purchased any mining contract in ECOS Cloud Mining system (except for promo contracts), can generate one or several referral links in Cloud Mining system which lead to the new user registration page.

Where can referral links be allocated?

  • In the articles of your blog, containing links to the services;
  • Add links or banners to your web site;
  • Send links to your clients or friends;
  • Recommend on forums or in social media

Generate a unique referral link in your account dashboard. Or you can generate several ones to track statistic data from several sources.

Calculation of your referral reward:

In the Table of the referral reward the user can see:

  • A unique code in the link
  • The number of referral link clicks
  • The number of registrations by referral link
  • Contract purchases
  • The percent of referral contract hashrate, used to calculate the referrer reward
  • Payout in BTC – total referrer reward from certain referral
  • The date – the date of link generation

The referral program is available to any ECOS Cloud Mining client, register, purchase a contract and start earning with.

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