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What Is MetaContinental (CON)? Complete Guide Review About MetaContinental.

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What Is MetaContinental (CON)?

MetaContinental are a systems integration company. Through the intelligent integration of existing and new technologies they are developing a “life freedom” product based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain that is more convenient, more private, more liberating, more useful, less expensive and just as secure as the lifestyle you are enjoy now. AI-powered mega search engine, which will track the world wide web for the best options for goods and services, including those offered from sellers who are selling directly on your own block-based e-commerce platform.

MetaContinental Card allows cryptography holders to use their stored assets in their wallet for daily payments in stores and restaurants all over the world. While multiple crypto transitions can be stored in Continental Wallet, only CTL is available from CTL Card to create an additional layer of security.

MetaContinental Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaContinental
Short NameCON
Circulating Supply9,757,114.82 CON
Total Supply801,308,000
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Enhanced security

All parties must have an AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to prevent fraud and instill trust, confidence in the ecosystem. Continental’s interactive smart coin will remain secure long after quantum computing’s hackability becomes a problem. The registry is supported by super low power IOT (Internet of Things) devices and mobile/desktop applications according to the census block proof (SVP) algorithm. Pays MetaContinental Lifestyle+ Rewards, Continental Network Service Fees, and Continental Community Fees.

AI Technology

Virtual environment calibration. Continental’s virtual environment provides a centralized and more convenient management of the ecosystem and blockchain in the network. An option of remote access to various elements, blocks and devices of the network to perform the necessary updates, changes or even checks makes network management more convenient, secure and efficient. MetaContinental virtual environment is at the base of cloud architectures and applications as it provides the ability to access, connect, secure and modify cloud resources.

MetaContinental system has an infinite size for more than trillions of code neurons, thereby creating an impeccable technological bridge for the development and scaling of all reliable and technologically advanced conglomerates at the same time in the world environment WORLD. AI Continental thought process implies the same synapses, nerve cryptographic impulses and code membranes that will eventually be integrated into the Continental Technology protocol as one of the full-fledged AI consciousness nodes.

Continental eco-environment

Symptomate Life (Symptoms of life) Continental Symptomate Life is a smart technology you can trust. The Symptomate Life AI protocol node uses the knowledge of MetaContinental doctors, scientific centers, institutes, hospitals, scientific and statistical data that the Continental eco-environment receives by analyzing millions of real cases. Thanks to its ultra-fast bandwidth and unique technologies, everything is achievable – prosperity, health, technological lifestyle. Symptomatic Life – is a unique technological protocol in the ecosystem, which makes a perfect diagnosis of a body possible using AI.

Interfaces and extensions In addition to several powerful user interfaces (like Visual Studio Code) Continental technology can be programmably integrated into larger applications through its API. Continental technology is also highly extensible – its plugin infrastructure supports the installation of proprietary decision routines for custom domains.

Modern interface languages One of the main obstacles to entering AI was typically archaic languages used to code models and their properties. MetaContinental wanted to change that with Continental technology. At the lowest level Continental analyzes RCamy programs (their pure subset). For CTL model these are programs, and the properties which you want to test in them are also expressed in RCamy. Recently, the Rcamy tool chain became popular with web developers with a new language – ReasonML which is actually a new RCamy with syntax similar to JavaScript.

Autonomous learning systems Continental

As autonomous systems become ubiquitous, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that their designers have taken into account all relevant outliners. Many global projects seek to solve the problem of exact generation of such scripts for testing and certification. Continental aims to expand their efforts and proposes to derive specific driving scenarios (for testing autonomous systems) based on high-level models of “digital twins” representing the physical world.

MetaContinental When encoded as finite state machines, these models become more expressive and “natural” to code than individual scenarios. In addition, they lend themselves to formal validation and reasoning, giving developers the ability to tackle even the most challenging areas.

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