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What Is Baby Soulja Boy (DRACO)? Complete Guide Review About Baby Soulja Boy.

What Is Baby Soulja Boy (DRACO)?

Every Baby Soulja Boy needs a baby. Let’s CRANK THAT and send this lil baby soulja to the moon. Baby Draco loves the word Million so they created 1 million tokens, secure your bag now. 100% were deposited to the market in pancake swap. Zero DRACO tokens were kept or sent anywhere before launching to the public. The liquidity is burned till the end of time. A different NFT programs tied to the DRACO token reward our holders.  Lets show our lil baby Soulja to the world Tell em.

Baby Soulja Boy Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBaby Soulja Boy
Short NameDRACO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Baby Soulja Boy hodler reward NFT program BSC

Baby Soulja Boy NFT program on BSC will reward DRACO token hodlers that hodl 15,000 Draco for 1 month+.  This collection is all 1/1 GIF/VID style art. Fill out the claim form below if you are eligible. Reward will not be recurring or retroactive. Also check out the “CREATED” section in your Smart Chain NFT account to see the ones that have already been sent to holders, and maybe for sale on the open market by the owners. Smart Chain NFT’s and Baby Draco to the moon.

Baby Soulja Boy Graffiti Collection NFT’s ETH

Baby Soulja Boy graffiti collection on Open Sea Ethereum.  All 1 of 1 hand drawn art. All proceeds from sales of this program go to buyback and burn of DRACO token  1st Baby rapper with an NFT buyback/burn program. Decentralized stable coins need deep liquidity, stable prices, and high governance participation to succeed. All of this needs to be backed by good algorithms, a community culture of faith and love, and a lower barrier to participation. Each of these issues has been explored by previous projects without clearly combining this logic and implementing it into a core project.

GOSH Realm’s goal is to provide a fun and immersive algorithmic stable coin protocol that provides a collaborative and scalable stable coin DAO for the entire crypto community, returning the freedom and control that has shaped the cornerstones of the Web3 world to its users. They believe that projects in the crypto world need to be cultural, not just APY driven. Without a better fun and engaging experience, and without bringing a new way of life to the community, eventually the community will fall silent and lose its bottom-up viability.

What Gosh Realm brings to its users and projects

Every user can have their own stable coin entirely to themselves. A fully community-owned stable currency that is 100% transparent and more viable. A positive gaming token model where long-term participants will receive greater rights and benefits. A new way of life, a deeper engagement with the crypto-native world through DAO collaboration, a new experience of working and socializing. They advocate wild growth and free governance, working and developing together from the most initial state, as to co-build a truly decentralized cultural DAO community.


This is the core idea of all collaboration. Open-sourced the team’s thinking process, development process, and product results. Each participant will be able to clearly understand your thinking, planning, and results at every moment through documentation. The production process and thinking process, production results as a public, not private, to maintain the ultimate transparency, the ultimate self-interest altruism.

Gamification Changes Crypto

The approach to gamification of DeFi is to package the use of DeFi as a game, where DeFi is hidden in the underlying logic of the game and presented to the user as a friendly game page combined with NFT to give a nice playability. They strongly believe that gamification is reshaping the crypto industry.

DeFi Kingdom

DeFi Kingdom is a best practice example of gamification. By packaging the use of DeFi as a game, players experience the DeFi product like a game, increasing revenue and experiencing fun at the same time. Baby Soulja Boy Kingdom’s core product is a decentralized exchange modeled after Uniswap V2, and as one of the most successful gamified DeFi, DeFi Kingdom has a market cap of over $10 billion and is currently worth $2 billion citywide.


Baby Soulja Boy is a spin-off project that originated from Loot. the core component of Treasure DAO is that NFTs from partner projects can mine Treasure DAO’s governance token, Magic, and gamify the process of liquidity acquisition to give NFTs fun. Treasure DAO has its own NFT Marketplace, second only to Open sea at its highest volume, with a total volume of over $280 million and over $20 million in revenue from the NFT Marketplace.


Baby Soulja Boy was the first project to attempt to gamify its liquidity and the first gamified DeFi to launch a project as a DAO. the first to be able to summon ghost NFTs by pledging Aave’s derivative tokens, and the community to receive incentives such as experience for participating in governance. Aavegotchi has the best governance data of any crypto project. Total participation in the proposal exceeds OlympusDAO, Sushi, Index Coop, etc.

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