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What Is BuildUp (BUP)? Complete Guide Review About BuildUp.

What Is BuildUp (BUP)?

The surviving human race has returned to its only solution, the past timeline. They had no choice but to choose a time slip. Will the warriors who arrived at BuildUp Island in the past be able to change the future? The story of users working together to improve reality and win the future by time-slip to change the bleak future. BUP project is a blockchain project that connects the real economy, C-one Island, and the story-based virtual reality, and creates an ecosystem through promotion DAO based on NFT and BUP token.

BuildUp Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBuildUp
Short NameBUP
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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BuildUp Team

Economic entities

Before participation in the auction of any assets on Chemix Pad, users need to apply for KYC verification (for non-Chinese and users). By KYC verification they can guarantee that all participants in auctions perform seriously, and try to avoid attacks such as witch attack, dust attack, etc.

The crypto regulation in different regions around the world are various, main economic entities like the US and China have strict rules on crypto funding. Thus, KYC users from the and China are not allowed to participate in auctions on Chemix Pad currently. BuildUp will pay attention to updates of regulations across different regions, making sure your business will not be affected by local restrictions.

How to participant an Auction

Before participating in the auction of any assets on Chemix Pad, there are two key steps to perform:

  • Firstly, users need to apply for KYC verification (for non-Chinese and US users).
  • Secondly, users need to provide 10 USD worth of BUSD/QSD LP liquidity on PancakeSwap, and keep the LP token in crypto wallet address. A random snapshot of users’ wallet addresses will check for the existence of LP token. In the near future, your project token CEC will also be counted in the whitelist requirement, user can choose either to provide LP liquidity or just holding CEC in crypto wallets.

Among the LP pair, QSD is an algorithmic BuildUp issued by Chemix Labs. After getting eligible, users can select intended auctions to participate in. It should be noted that the bidding tool is USDT, BUSD, or QSD according to issuer’s requirement, so users need to ensure that their wallet has enough USDT, BUSD, or QSD, and every time a user enters the purchase amount, the equivalent stable coin will be paid to auction smart contract.

How to issue your own sale

For issuers on Chemix Pad, there are specific requirements for the qualification for their auctions, which include but not limited to:

  • Issuers must go through a KYC process for issuers, it is separated from the KYC for purchasers.
  • When issuer launches its own sale, the request will be submitted to Chemix Pad review team, after getting the information of a sale, your review team will contact issuer for any information that needs confirming.

BuildUp long-term target is to build a DAO to manage the sales on Chemix Pad in the future. The decentralized management structure in the future can help Chemix Pad to expand its business with the power of the community and to attract more high-quality issuers and projects, providing your users with more and more excellent investment choices.

Participate in Dutch auctions

One of the main auction models of BuildUp is the Dutch auction for in-locking tokens. Since most of the assets in the Dutch auction have a lock-up period, the purchaser will bear a certain degree of price risk. Therefore, the value of the assets with the lock-up period is usually lower compared to the same tokens that are in circulation and listed on exchanges.

Professional investors will use derivatives as hedging tools while investing in discounted assets, thereby reducing investment risks and locking in investment returns. If hedging is used properly, veteran investors will obtain stable and risk-controllable investment returns.

In comparison with professional investors, retail investors generally lack the concepts and knowledge of risk hedging, and are more likely to be exposed to price risks caused by market fluctuations. For these users, Chemix Ecosystem will release introduction articles and videos to help more users establish their own risk control systems.

Obtain platform income dividends by staking gCEP tokens

BuildUp is the governance token of Chemix Eco, it does not have any function that generates income similar to deposits or stocks. During the operation of Chemix Pad, various business revenues such as auction fees and short-term lending platforms depositing income from auctions will be generated. For various considerations such as benefiting the community, part of Chemix Pad’s revenue will be included in the platform dividend plan.

BuildUp will introduce the dividend token gCEP (golden Chemix Ecosystem Pass) for the dividend pledge. Users can use CEP to single-way mint gCEP according to certain rules and lock in the dividend smart contract to participate in the Chemix Pad platform dividend plan. Through the continuous operation of Chemix Pad, the protocol will continue to accumulate surplus, and users can also obtain long-term returns through gCEP tokens and benefit from the growth of the platform.


BuildUp Roadmap
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