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What Is Mars Network (MARS)? Complete Guide Review About Mars Network.

What Is Mars Network (MARS)?

The initial blockchain was focused on cryptocurrency mining and smart contracts, while overlooking important characteristics. Since 2018, Mars Network have focused on blockchain technology that goes beyond cryptocurrency, creating various business models and corresponding real-life services. Since 2018, Cy2code has been preparing for the verification, development and patent registration of various underlying technologies related to the preparation of the global financial blockchain platform MARS. Finally, in 2020, based on the accumulated technology, they are planning to open a global financial blockchain platform (MARS) with Habaek Holdings.

Mars Network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMars Network
Short NameMARS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply11,999,999,999
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What is MARS Business Platform?

It is a blockchain-based business platform consisting of core patent-based technologies
such as Context Blockchain, Digital Contents Original System (DCOS), Multi-modal and Big
data & Artificial Intelligence technology, Decentralized Identity (DID) for non-face-to-face
identification. Mars Network Business Platform, various services close to real life (life,
finance, law, real estate, education, etc.) are launched one by one, and collaboration with
existing services takes place.

What is Context Blockchain

Mars Network is a next-generation context block chain that goes beyond the limitations of smart contracts of 2nd-generation blockchains such as Ethereum and Mars Network, which only record existing point-in-time information(Time Stamp), and also records environment information at the time of transaction to increase transaction reliability. Environmental information means information such as 5W1H (When, Where, Who, What, Why, How) required in real life transactions. With this, by securing the reliability and transparency of the transaction, it is possible to lay the foundation for using the block chain in real life.


It manages the key to encrypt/decrypt using the Mars Network key, which is generated each time from the secret master key shared between the security server and the user terminal. All security uses a unique encryption key. When managing keys securely, no matter how powerful algorithm is used, it is meaningless. Sharing the same SECRET MASTER KEY between the user terminal and the HSM server. However, the MASTER KEY is not used as an encryption/decryption key. Network Information Security Supports security and data encryption functions.

Ainesha Natural Language

Through word embedding, the structure and meaning of various languages can be grasped and used to extract information contained in text documents held by companies. Mars Network, it can analyze the emotions contained in the language or grasp the intention. The document image is classified into thousands of categories ( ex. resident registration copy, resident registration draft, etc.) and the characters contained in the image are found and read. It can also identify objects, symbol characters, behavior, etc. in the image according to the purpose of use.

Mars Network can be used in a variety of ways, such as converting a micro-entered user’s voice into text or setting up a function to manage it as a command through voice. In addition, by synthesizing the voice of a specific speaker, it is possible to generate a voice that is similar to real and natural.

What is Digital Content Original Identification System?

It is a system that controls the entire process of creating, recording, distributing and discarding digital content (e.g., electronic documents, videos, sound sources, photos, program sources, etc.) generated online / offline. Mars Network collected data are stored as originals and copies, and the originals are stored in their own systems and copies are distributed. It is a system that fundamentally blocks distortion and alteration of data in a way that the source of distributed data is always identifiable.

Mars Network a technology patent system that can be combined with context block chain technology to prevent forgery and alteration of documents issued by government and government offices such as resident registration, real estate register, and seal certificates, and to be used for reuse of published documents and copyright management of program sources.

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