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What Is Lyfe Silver (LSILVER) ? Complete Guide Review About Lyfe Silver

What Is Lyfe Silver (LSILVER) ?

Lyfe Silver provides breakthrough and silver investment solutions through tokenization of commodities with blockchain technology. Like gold, silver has been used as currency for thousands of years. Silver has always been used as an alternative currency and payment medium. People’s belief in silver is still running until modern times. Currently, silver is one of the largest commodity markets, hovering around US$1.5 T. In comparison, the global gold commodity market hovers at US$11.5 T, while the world Bitcoin market hovers at US$ 1 T.

Lyfe Silver (LSILVER) Token Storage Key Points

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Short Name(LSILVER)
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Potential Increase

Lyfe Silver is a much more volatile commodity than gold. Silver’s biggest bull cycle, which occurred in the 2011s pushed the metal up to nearly 500% or 5x its initial price. Currently, compared to gold, silver is highly undervalued and still has plenty of room to break the All Time High record in 2011.

Limited Silver Quality

Lyfe Silver Gold and silver have long been used as state reserves. However, since 1970, the world’s silver reserves have consistently declined. The scarcity factor is one of the factors that makes silver prices much more volatile. A slight surge in demand from parak can push silver prices up, and vice versa.

High Utility

Lyfe Silver Silver has far more and varied industrial uses than gold. Silver is widely used in the healthcare and electronics industries. The use of silver as an industrial commodity is also one of the factors that makes silver consistently disappear from circulation through industrial waste.

Silver Storage Solution

Lyfe Silver The price of silver is relatively much cheaper than gold, making silver investment quite troublesome. 1 kilogram of pure gold is equivalent to 65 kilograms of pure silver. Silver also requires 2 times more storage space than gold. Silver tokenization provides a silver storage solution for those who intend to invest in silver. Silver investors can invest in silver without worrying about silver storage space.


Lyfe Silver is a crypto asset that refers to the value of property or land in Indonesia. LLAND is a new innovation where each LLAND token has an attachment to an available property. Each LLAND ownership also has the opportunity to get a share of the income earned by the property or land.

You can also exchange the number of LLAND tokens you own for the property, according to the availability of the property and the required number of LLAND tokens. This makes LLAND digital assets a safe commodity and refers to property prices that tend to continue to strengthen in the long term.

Reliable & Comfortable to Own

Lyfe Silver As a first step, LLAND will issue 200,000 genesis tokens which will be used to acquire and manage properties comparable to tokens circulating in the community. To reward the community, portfolio will focus on properties that have the potential to generate income in the form of rentals. In the future, the number of tokens is expected to grow in line with the development of the LLAND market and community.

Revenue Sharing

Lyfe Silver Any property or land tied to an LLAND has the potential to generate passive income through rental income. The net income generated will be distributed to LLAND token holders according to the proportion of ownership. Thus, buying LLAND tokens is the same as investing in property.


Lyfe Silver The convenience of having property assets that can be rented out without having to think about operations ensures the scalability of your assets


Lyfe Silver You can have a share and earn income from various properties with small capital


Lyfe Silver Ownership of property value-based crypto assets makes LLAND an attractive asset to own