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What Is Kyuubi ($KYUB) ? Complete Guide Review About Kyuubi

What Is Kyuubi ($KYUB) ?

Kyuubi ($KYUB) Team and Vision is All About Achieving Harmony Through Community, Harnessing The Power of Entertainment and Culture, and The Promise of Web3 Redefining Digital Identity. The idea was born from a collaboration between Genyen trading group and a network of close-knit, experienced friends operating in ETH and Binance. After many years in the space, each member of the team individually began longing for a team that could solve the lack of inspired meme tokens. The mission could devise a solution that would allow operation that functions with maximum transparency & security, but also adaptability & sustainability. Thusly, Kyuubi was born

Kyuubi ($KYUB) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKyuubi
Short Name($KYUB)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Mission Statement

Kyuubi at heart, is a community-driven utility token with intentions to explore Entertainment, Intellectual Property, and Metaverse. “will always operate to further the ideal of positive community, always emboldened, while delivering economical and technologically or socially meaningful utilities that provide on-chain/off-chain utility for investors, to further grow community perpetually.”

The World’s Foxiest Cross-Chain Meme Token

Kyuubi Join the #FoxyFrens as Kyuubi conquers blockchains and evolves metaverse community with each tail. Utility Truely Driven By Community.

What’s Kyuubi Token?

Kyuubi A Global Revolution Has Formed, Now Making Noise… Kyuubi is derived from ancient Eastern Asian mythology, and symbolizes attributes of agility, adaptability, and the ability to grow wise.

Unique Contract

A 3-layer protocol working in unison to provide adaptability in perpetuity.


Kyuubi Audited by Certik and KYC’d to provide maximum trust.


Kyuubi team has over 15 members working full-time with creative hearts and minds.


With the resources to provide growth through each phase, future development is agile and flexible.

Tradeable on Both Ethereum & Binance

Kyuubi will explore the blockchain, and call many chains home! With presence across various communities, is engineered to be the largest cross-chain community-driven utility meme token.

What’s Next?

Kyuubi The roadmap outlines 3 distinct phases of development. Kyuubi will contain a total of 9, here’s what’s next on the docket for June.

Reveal Of FoxyFrens NFTs
NFT Marketing and Community Development Across Discord and Twitter
CEX/DEX Listings, Partnerships, Social Marketing

How Do Buy Kyuubi Token?

Kyuubi You may purchase $KYUB using Website or PancakeSwap on both PC and Mobile through MetaMask. You may currently only purchase $KYUB with BNB (BEP-20) tokens, available to send to your DeFi Wallet through centralized exchanges like KuCoin, or directly on our site through Moonpay.

What Is A DeFi Crypto Wallet?

A DeFi Wallet, like MetaMask, is a browser extension or app designed to make accessing Ethereum’s Dapp ecosystem easier. It also serves as a wallet for holding ERC-20 tokens allowing users to access services built on the network via the wallet. Installing MetaMask will allow you to transact widely across the crypto economy


Kyuubi contract is currently being audited by Certik and our team is KYC’d. This paired with multi-signature gnosis wallet, acts to keep the project largely invulnerable.


The team will NEVER DM OR EMAIL you! Malicious actors will sometimes try to take advantage of family by spreading fake contracts, emailing phishing links, and tricking you for your seed phrase. Plz Don’t Help Evil :)

lack of Innovation

Kyuubi memecoins grow comfortable with scale, but the fox constantly hunts. are an experienced team of over 15 that are adept at individual fields inside and out of blockchain.

Inadequate Security

Kyuubi contract is a modular contract, allowing the development to manipulate only the tax percentages, not to where the taxes are routed.

Transparency Utilizing

Kyuubi a gnosis multi-signature wallet allows our team to operate leveraging the accounting of the blockchain. transactions and contract changes are recorded.