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What Is Honey Deluxe Token(HONEYD) ? Complete Guide Review About Honey Deluxe

What Is Honey Deluxe Token(HONEYD) ?

Honey Deluxe Token Bears Deluxe is building technology to bridge NFTs with gaming and the metaverse. Both Bees Deluxe and Hives Deluxe collections provide a foundational layer of utility for the $HONEYD TOKEN. By accumulating $HONEYD token in the Bears Deluxe ecosystem, collectors will be able to partake in exclusive NFT minting alongside unique gaming and metaverse experiences. $HONEYD token will become of piece of future releases including Hungry Bear Arcade Game, NFT Paint application, and Sandbox Metaverse experience.

Honey Deluxe Token Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHoney Deluxe Token
Short Name(HONEYD)
Circulating Supply42,343.75 HONEYD
Max Supply35,007,150
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Collections & $HONEYD Tokenomics

Bears Deluxe

* Every Bears Deluxe owner must migrate their bears in order to claim $HONEYD and take full advantage of what ecosystem has to offer

* Earn 1 $HONEYD per day – Claim it daily or accumulate and claim at your convenience

* Unlock exclusive Discord channels in the Bears Deluxe server

* Each Bears Deluxe owner will be able to claim a VX Bear (COMING SOON)

* Future Utility and Adventure Awaits!

Hives Deluxe

Each Bears Deluxe owner can claim one Hive for each bear they own

* Bears Deluxe owners will need to claim their hives in order to mint Bees Deluxe

* Every Hive can mint up to 3 Bees Deluxe NFTs before it ‘depletes’

* Depleted hives can be reactivated for 69 $HONEYD * Reactivating Hives allows Bears Deluxe owners to repeat the Bees Deluxe minting process until all Bees have been minted

Bees Deluxe

* An owner of a Hive can mint a Bees Deluxe NFT for 23 $HONEYD

* Earn .13 $HONEYD per day – Claim it daily or accumulate and claim at your convenience

* Bees must be “fed” .23 $HONEYD every 10 days to remain alive. Otherwise they will die and not be able to claim $HONEYD

* Dead Bees can be revived for 7 $HONEYD- Reviving bees reactivates them and they will resume producing $HONEYD * Burn Bees Deluxe for an instant 12 $HONEYD per Bee

* Transform your bee into a Worker Bee for 7 $HONEYD- A Worker Bee does not have to be fed $HONEYD every 10 days to remain alive, however, its daily $HONEYDearn is reduced to .09 $HONEYD per day

* Level up bees by feeding them Honeycombs which can be extracted from Hives or purchased on the secondary market

* See Phase 2 of the roadmap to learn more about Honeycombs

* If you complete a claim $HONEYDtransaction before the 24 hour accrual cycle has completed and before your daily $HONEYD has been populated in your unclaimed honey, you will lose out on claiming that $HONEYDfor the day and will not be able to claim it the next day. Be sure your daily $HONEYD accrues before claiming for the day. An accrual countdown can be found on each bear and bee inside the farm


* VX BEARS will be rolled out in two batches. The first batch will be 6,900 1/1 identical VX BEARS for all Bears Deluxe holders. Bears Deluxe holders can mint their VX Bear for 100 $HONEYD

* 10,000 Total Collection Size

* 6900 1:1 claimable by holders of Bears Deluxe for 100 $HONEYD

* 3100 additional models, 1600 reserved for community through whitelist opportunities and 1500 reserved for partnership opportunities with other communities who want to join bears deluxe

* You will be able to “forfeit” your reserved model for a chance to roll for a random trait VX that could be a legendary model

* “Forfeited” models will be sent to the larger pool of VX available * Mint price for the additional 3100 models will be .069 ETH