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What Is Kauri (KAU) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Kauri

What Is Kauri (KAU) Coin Review ?

Kauri is a binding document of Kauri project, which in detail outlines visions and goals of the project not only in the context of today’s market situation. It includes planning process and describes ways to achieve the clear goals. Kauri is not primarily designed to further develop the field of cryptocurrency from a technological point of view. The main purpose of it is a development of the whole ecosystem towards its practical use and approach to its mass adoption and usage. aim to achieve this via provision of education and systematic building of business network, in which cryptocurrency will be accepted as medium of exchange.

Kauri The transparency and trust are the foundation stones of the whole model of shared economy in British Asset. That is why will stick with the crucial points of project described in this document. At the same time, will strictly maintain the direction of the so-called ‘trustless’ principle; a principle consider to be one of the central benefits of cryptocurrency in today’s world.

Kauri (KAU) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKauri
Short NameKAU
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply50,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Kauri Token

Kauri is a utility token that was created through smart contract on the Ethereum network with the ERC20 standard. Technically, it is the basic building block in the Kauri project, which will help to finance all projects by the British Asset Investment Group in the future. In the original smart contract 0xe172f366678ec7b559f6c2913a437baadfd4e6c8 was created 50 000 000 Kauri, which are further divisible to 100 000 000 other units. So, the token was designed to be sufficient for its purpose, even in the most extreme situations.


Kauri goal in the British Asset group is to build a self-sustaining, comprehensive network of retail real estates and other functioning companies that will operate successfully, generate profit and pay dividends to their shareholders. The British Asset has brought together a network of “small” investors who collectively create an investment leverage and are thus able to compete fairly with large-capital individuals. It is the main and unchangeable principle of the British Asset to continue working in this way

Kauri Cryptocurrency

Kauri allows you to leverage projects within ecosystem. As a user, you benefit from exclusive services or products. Consequently, you will benefit from them (within individual projects) as an investor.

Kauri Investment

Kauri Platform Nowadays, it is already a common practice to run start-up incubators or investment angels, which bring together young and promising entrepreneurs with interesting ideas and provide them with guidance in the realization of their projects. It is a progressively growing cooperative way of a company management that created a stimulating environment for interesting and lucrative investment opportunities.

Kauri Ecosystem Strategy

1) Implementation

Kauri Realizace100% The goal of the implementation has been to build the basic infrastructure of the Kauri token. I.e., establishing the documentation, ICO and IEO and initial exchange listing.

2) Tokenization Tokenizace100%

Kauri The success of any cryptocurrency depends on its use. With Kauri, this use is generated by a multitude of projects>, within which you use your Kauri to get some sort of reward. Individual projects differ from each other, but what they have in common is that you always get something extra.

3) Utilisation Utilizace75%

The goal of utilisation is to create working products and services. This mainly involves building a network of active partners and strengthening the user base.

4) Growth

Kauri After successfully completing the first 3 “building” phases, the foundations of the Kauri ecosystem are in place. This is followed by work on the further development of existing products and the implementation of new concepts. All with the goal of long-term, sustainable growth.


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