What Is JoyStick Games(JOY) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About JoyStick Games

What Is JoyStick Games(JOY) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About JoyStick Games

What Is JoyStick Games(JOY)

JoyStick Games gaming industry is currently valued at approximately $180 billion per year. This is based on consumer spending on games and in-game economies. However, there is a major shift happening in the gaming world away from the traditional Pay2Play (P2P) model to the new blockchain-based Play2Earn (P2E) model where users actually earn rewards or a yield from playing and engaging in these games.

This has been seen in the rise of games such as Axie Infinity which has generated revenue of over $11.7 billion in secondary asset sales in their in-game marketplace. With Axie taking only 20% of sales from their marketplace, or $1.3 billion, that leaves the other 80%, or $10.4 billion in sales revenue, flowing back to end users.

In addition to marketplace sales, Axie players have also captured $250M in the form of yield generation of the native token $SLP by playing the game. But Axie Infinity is not the only one. Another popular Metaverse, Sandbox, has seen a total of $211M in land sales alone. Add them to a growing list of many others with similar success stories.

JoyStick Games Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJoyStick Games
Short NameJOY
Max Supply5,000,000,000
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Together we’ll impact the gaming world as one

JoyStick Games makes taking the leap into blockchain gaming as seamless and profitable as possible. They do this by providing access to the best gaming assets, a full suite of in-depth education resources, and a strong community foundation to support players on their gaming & earning journey.


The JoyStick Games Coin vision is to empower and improve the lives of our token holders and community members by giving them access to the most exciting opportunities in the crypto gaming space. The unique approach makes us the most exciting gaming ecosystem in the world. They utilize gaming finance (GameFi) strategies to maximize yields, and explore emerging opportunities within the blockchain gaming and metaverse economies.

Joystick’s thriving community members will gain access to all current and future Joystick platform capabilities. This will allow members to capitalize on both Play2Earn and GameFi opportunities in the new world of decentralized blockchain and tokenized metaverse economies.

JoyStick Games Coin has a very narrow set of goals that focus on making cryptocurrency and Play2Earn gaming a viable option for community members to take control and uplift themselves and their loved ones. The community promotes its own growth by uplifting each other and sharing those benefits with new members.


JoyStick Games aims to give maximum value to our community by embracing GameFi, blockchain, technology, Play2Earn gaming, and metaverse innovations. Our mission can be broken down into the following key areas:


To educate and introduce people to the benefits of crypto, GameFi, eSports, and Play2Earn gaming, while assisting them to take ownership in this new economy and uplift their lives.


To identify and invest in blockchain gaming assets with a high value proposition and capacity for achieving large scale success.


To create mutually beneficial relationships with crypto gaming companies and other blockchain projects, bringing maximum value to our community members and token holders. Also, to build partnerships with other gaming communities outside Play2Earn, educating and bringing them into the ecosystem. And finally, partnering with real world brands who want exposure to the crypto gaming and metaverse economies.

Leverage Technology:

JoyStick Games Coin build and acquire technologies that bring value to our community members and token holders in GameFi, Play2Earn gaming, and other blockchain technologies.

Expand The Ecosystem:

By creating value for community members, token holders, and partners, Joystick aims to improve and grow the entire eSports, Play2Earn gaming space and metaverse economies through education, access, and effective deployment of resources.

Operating Model

The rise of Play2Earn gaming and the metaverse has created new and untapped potential in the digital economy. The model of Joystick is to bring value to communities around the world by utilizing economic concepts related to the metaverse and Play2Earn games, coupled with innovative GameFi strategies, technological development, education and community building.

The $JOY token is designed to capture all value generated through Joystick activities. Joystick will acquire gaming assets, gaming guilds, early round token allocation, access to the best liquidity pools, games and gaming studios.

Key Operations

  • Investing in NFT assets across multiple game platforms and across different chains
  • Investing in gaming guilds and other gaming infrastructure DAPPs
  • GameFi as a Service (GaaS) providing owners of P2E assets and players with no assets the ability to generate revenue through the use of Joystick
  • Yield generation through the economic activities carried out on land NFTs owned by Joystick
  • Educate and train aspiring eSports gamers and team owners to build their own business
  • Acquiring, investing in, and creating NFT gaming projects that will bring economic and strategic value to Joystick

$JOY Token Utility

Discounts on NFT Rentals

Token holders will get access to discounted NFT rentals on a sliding scale based on how many tokens they hold.

Access Education Materials

Get access to top educational materials that empower players to earn more while playing the games that they love from the best content creators and educators on the planet.

Shop Exclusive Merchandise

JoyStick Games Coin Shop for exclusive Joystick merchandise not available anywhere else!

Single Sided Staking

Earn a portion of the guild platform revenue in other gaming assets by staking your $JOY tokens. This will be dependent on the games being played (ex. MECH, PEG, VIS, AXS) incentivizing $JOY token holders to lock their $JOY tokens.