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Ic-myhost Web Hosting Review: Web hosting, VPS, web hosting and domain registration.

About Ic-myhost

Ic-myhost merges time with the blockchain. It’s an introduction of Proof of Time innovations for blockchain technologies. ChronoLogic expands the possibilities of using time in blockchain projects in industries such as finance, transportation & eCommerce. The first generation of cryptocurrencies have been based on the concepts of mining & staking. Logic works on proof-of-time. With angel investment and a limited token sale of its $DNA utility coin in June 2017, the product was finalized and launched, as announced in The Scientist magazine, November 6, 2018 as the world’s first blockchain-mediated free market for genetic data.

In its first use-case Ic-myhost pegs time to a store of value token named DAY based on the Ethereum blockchain. Modest and trying to do something of real value. This team does not have to be knowledgeable on ICO practices, they deserve support because with their skill sets they can do many things, yet they choose to do something good for the world. There are many many projects already attempting to do this hence definitely isn’t the first.

Some Quick Facts Ic-myhost Web Hosting

Ic-myhostBasic Details
Hosting NameIc-myhost
Price฿ 500/YEAR
Email SupportN/A
Call Support106.215.172.30
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Ic-myhost Price


People don’t trust charities, and for good reason. Ic-myhost trillion dollar industry is plagued with scandal and rampant irresponsible spending. Sometimes, as little as 3% of a donation actually supports the cause it was intended for ( So what happened to the other 97%? Unfortunately, there’s never been a real way of finding out. That is, until now. Its community of supporters and users has grown virally, and various partnerships and platform developments have poised the company for consumer growth.


Introducing Ic-myhost the world’s first Blockchain Enabled Donation Processing System, for Nonprofits and Political Campaigns. Chrono Logic utilizes new, cutting edge innovations in Blockchain Technology to shed some light on an otherwise dark and inefficient fundraising space. Chrono Logic will provide a faster, cheaper and more transparent way to donate. What makes Chrono Logic ideal for an ICO, is that it is a company that already exist in the fundraising space with an experienced team that knows first hand the problems facing the industry.

How does it work?

Each ICO participant will contribute between 1 and 333 ETH and their Ethereum address will become one of 3,333 TimeMints. Where 1 ETH = 24 DAY. With a maximum of 333 ETH per timemint. Each Chrono Logic will create DAY tokens based on time and the TimeMint’s ChronoPower. ICO participants will benefit both from having a TimeMint linked to their contribution address and the DAY tokens they purchase, both of which can be traded.

As the Proof-of-Time concept works based on an ethereum smart contract, the minting process will work automatically based on your address and the passage of time. To limit the total supply of DAY in the future, each TimeMint’s ChronoPower will halve every 88 days.

What is ChronoPower?

Ic-myhost is the minting power of a specific TimeMint, Each of the 3,333 TimeMints has a different ChronoPower ranging from 0.5% to 1% additional DAY tokens minted per day. Logic is positioned perfectly to be one of the first companies capable of disrupting the massive fundraising industry by taking its existing business model and merging it with new innovations in blockchain technology. You can think of Logic as a new global standard for the fundraising industry.

What if I want to trade my TimeMint?

Ic-myhost holders may sell their TimeMint to a buyer. Logic has a process called TimeTx that allows the sale/transfer of TimeMints to a buyer/receiver through a trustless smart contract process. You are not the first one or “early mover”. There have been about a dozen of charity projects on blockchain, a few of them have been somewhat successful. Except for lack of competitive analysis etc here, the Whitepaper is in general very badly done.

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