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Arsys Web Hosting Review: Your allyin IT Solutions.

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About Arsys

They know the challenges that companies face and, therefore, they can provide you with the IT solutions and professional services you need, thus building the ideal solution in each case. All this with the best business support on the market. At Arsys have more than 25 years of offering Internet Presence solutions (domains, mail, web pages, online stores), Managed Hosting, Cloud Computing and ICT Infrastructure Solutions.

Arsys innovation and customer service strategy has made one of the leading technology and innovation companies in Europe. This is part of United Internet, the largest European company in the sector. Your numbers speak for themselves: they have more than 1.6 million active services, more than 290,000 customers and a workforce of 360 employees. In addition, they are pioneers in the development of the first European Cloud Hosting platform.

Some Quick Facts Arsys Web Hosting

ArsysBasic Details
Hosting NameArsys
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Arsys Price

The best business support on the market

Arsys are more than 360 professionals ready to answer your queries and solve your doubts about domains, hosting, online stores, web pages 24 hours a day through the channel that suits you the most email, chat or telephone. From your call center, located in Spain, they answer all your queries whenever you need them, always in Spanish. This like to be part of your project and help make it a success on the internet. Count on to help you achieve it.

By uploading your DNA profile to the DNA Marketplace, you’re able to set a price at which you’re willing to sell your DNA profile for. Once your profile has been purchased, you’ll receive your asking price in $DNA. You can sell $DNA token for USD or ETH on an exchange, such as CoinMetro. If you’re buying DNA profiles, you do so with $DNA. Arsys seen labs that keep hard drives in locked file cabinets — and think that’s unacceptable.

Current and innovation

Discover on your blog the latest news on security, infrastructure, domains, hosting, cloud The latest information updated with webinars, tutorials, advice, current articles from the world of the internet and new technologies. An indispensable area to be informed. Your company has Data Centers all over the world to host, with maximum security, your cloud servers, cloud hosting or cloud computing. You can choose wherever your project is located Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. This allows to cover all your international projects and with the latest cloud technology.

Further Scientific Breakthroughs

Every living thing on this planet contains DNA. Within that DNA is a plethora of valuable information. Information that can be used to help further scientific breakthroughs in medicine and beyond. It’s only apt that Arsys named company token DNA. They sought to make an alternative to the current means by which valuable genetic data is bought and sold. While the current markets are monopolized by the testing companies, and lack transparency or participation by those whose data is sold, they created a free-market for de-identified data where you can set the price and earn most of the money spent to buy data for science.

Committed to the environment

As of 2015, your Data Center has an energy supply from 100% renewable sources. And they have ISO 50001 certification, an international standard that distinguishes organizations that incorporate systems that improve energy efficiency and minimize the emission of greenhouse gases. Philosopher has been pushing the frontiers of ownership and protection of genomic data for nearly a decade. In 2009, his book Who Owns You foreshadowed the lawsuit, a couple months later, by the ACLU and other parties against Myriad Corporation based on its patents on the BRCA genes.

They are concerned about the sustainability of the planet and use all means at your disposal to reduce your carbon footprint. Those patents would have allowed Myriad to effectively monopolize the testing market for breast and ovarian cancer. Recently, Koepsell and his long-time collaborator and partner, Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez—having together authored many publications about genomic data and privacy—started a software company to solve the problem. It’s unusual for academics, especially a philosopher, to stray this far outside their comfort-zones, but they have a plan to build a technical solution based on blockchain technology.

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