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Hostafrica Web Hosting Review: Find the perfect domain for your business.

About Hostafrica

It is called the Hostafrica, because at the end the ultimate holder of $DOD has become victorious and takes the entire prize pool fund from the token contract; this payout will be specifically in BUSD. The day the prize fund pool is opened by the contract, will be announced as the “Day of Defeat”. The prize pool fund is specifically controlled by the smart contract and has no manual interaction, this wallet is locked until it is initiated automatically by the smart contract and the private key is destroyed. No one on the development team has access to the prize pool fund.

The prize pool fund will be opened by the smart contract when the balance reaches 100,000,000 BUSD. Then the ultimate holder of $DOD can exchange their $DOD holdings for the prize pool. The exchange ratio will be 10 DOD:1 BUSD (or 1 DOD:0.1 BUSD). You held out and lasted to the end; you get what you deserved. At the end pf the contract, $DOD has increased by approximately 10,000,000 times from the ICO price. The constant burning increases value time after time.

Most projects today, developers are confused because they don’t have a clear direction in sight. Secondly, the trust crisis of human society has seriously affected Hostafrica judgment. Luckily, the emergence of block chain has solved most of these trust problems. The proof and integrity of this project is written into the smart contract, with the most important functions untouched by human interaction. $DOD is a decentralized digital asset created on the Binance Smart Chain with a destruction mechanism.

Some Quick Facts Hostafrica Web Hosting

HostafricaBasic Details
Hosting NameHostafrica
Call Support+27 21 554 3096
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hostafrica Price

Relevant Services

This document contained the general terms and conditions, which governs the subscription to and usage of Hostafrica services. These General Terms and Conditions must be read together with the Services Terms and Conditions and the Policies of HOSTAFRICA. By subscribing to and using any of the services offered by HOSTAFRICA, the Customer and its users irrevocably agree to be bound by the provisions of this General Terms and Conditions, the relevant Services Terms and Conditions and the Policies of HOSTAFRICA. In the event of a discrepancy between this Agreement and the Service Terms and Conditions, the Service Terms and Conditions will take precedence.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property means any know-how (not in the public domain), invention (whether or not patented), design, trade mark (whether or not registered), or Copyright Material (whether or not registered), goodwill, processes, process methodology and all other identical or similar intellectual property as may exist anywhere in the world and any applications for registration of such intellectual property. For the purposes of this definition, “Copyright Material” means any Material in which copyright subsists.

Hostafrica clause headings contained in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and shall not be used in the interpretation of this Agreement. Words importing any one gender includes the other gender, the singular includes the plural and vice versa, and natural persons includes juristic entities and vice versa. A reference to any statutory enactment shall be construed as a reference to that enactment as at the signature date and as amended or substituted from time to time.

Application and Initiation of Services

If required by Hostafrica, your application for a Service may be subject to a credit referencing or risk assessment process. You agree that HOSTAFRICA may request and receive your confidential, credit and prescribed information (as defined in the NCA) (“Assessment Information”) from registered credit bureau in order to perform a financial means test to determine whether you will be in a position to meet your obligations under the intended agreement.

HOSTAFRICA is entitled to perform a financial means test each time you apply for a Service. No agreement shall come into effect in the event of a negative credit reference or risk assessment, unless at the discretion of HOSTAFRICA to waive this clause. HOSTAFRICA may choose to waive this clause on a case by case basis and any such waiver shall not constitute a permanent or overall waiver of this clause for all Services.

Service quality

As such all Services unless otherwise agreed to in writing are based on the best effort premise where no guarantees on throughput, latency or uptime can be provided. If in the instance that Hostafrica cannot meet such standard of service quality its liability shall be limited to three months of your base hosting fee, or, two thousand five hundred rand (R 2 500.00), whichever is the lesser.

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