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Infonet Web Hosting Review: With your reseller hosting yours.

About Infonet

Infonet is a pet centric social app for pet parents to join a community that share the same interests for their pets. Mint your favorite memories into NFT’s to share and sell. Connect with other pet owners of the same breed in your area. Discover the top rated dog parks & services in your area. Give your pet or many pets a profile in a community that cares. Chat with pet peers, ask for advice, or just hangout in public and private groups of the same breed. Support your fellow pet peers by tipping them with coins. Maintain a profile of all your pet’s records: vaccines, certifications, and insurance. Mint your favorite pet photos to share or sell. Great for pet lovers, pet breeders, and animal organizations. 

Some Quick Facts Infonet Web Hosting

InfonetBasic Details
Hosting NameInfonet
Email SupportN/A
Call Support01 3535 030 (09 – 21)
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Infonet Price

Services Marketplace

Browse businesses and services in your area by rating, pay directly with your Infonet coins. Discover and connect with other pet owners of the same breed or type in your area. Care for your pet by finding 5 star rated vets and groomers. Store your pets records on a secured platform with blockchain.

Pet Marketplace

All you need are two paws. Purchasing your favorite doggy content is only a tap away through your Metamask wallet. You’ve got your smol friend collectible, but what’s next? Find new furry NFT friends or discover who’s the top dog in the community explore section. Share with friends or collect all the treats & toys you can. Share a photo of your furry friend from your smartphone and “mint” it to an Non-fungible token (NFT), post your newly minted NFT to the Classic Doge app.

Tails will wag when you share & sell them to your pet’s biggest fans. Keep your nails trimmed and coat shining with access to top-rated groomers and vets. Plus you can keep your records safe and secure on Infonet blockchain. Post a photo or video of your pet to share with pet peers. Like, share and comment on your friend’s adventures. Mint your favorite memory of your four legged friend to forever cherish.

Records in your pocket

When you adopt an animal, you’re not just saving the life of the animal, you’re welcoming a new family member into your home. Keep your loved one safe with all of their information at the swipe of a paw. See your pet’s medications, test results, upcoming appointments, vet bills all in one place. Embrace a community of animal lovers to share special moments of your pet. Mint memories of your pet photos, share, and chat making your own network of pet friends.

Connect with other pet lovers

Infonet aim to provide a more fun-filled and healthy life for them. They would like to think of ClassicDoge as the “MYHealth” equivalent for pets. ClassicDoge will very quickly become the go-to platform for household pet information. XDOGE can be held on MetaMask, Trust Wallet, hardware wallet or any other wallet that supports Ethereum and Binance SmartChain Network. A carefully chose to have this presale on your platform, because your platform communications directly with coins crowdfund smart contract.  Yes, the presale is safe. Your tokens are instantly minted and sent to the wallet you are obtaining utility tokes from.

Find local pet events in you area so you and your pet don’t miss out. Connect and message with other people that share the same love for animals as you do. ClassicDoge is a platform made to support the pet-lover in all. Infonet aims to provide the infrastructure to schedule, track, and maintain all aspects of your pets’ lives. By keeping up to date when your furry friends will meet with vets, take their medicines, and attend their play-dates.

What is an NFT?

All transactions recorded on the blockchain are irreversible and tamper-proof, this makes the Ethereum blockchain more secure and difficult to manipulate. If you would like to update your NFT, you can burn the token which permanently destroys it. Learn more about burning an NFT here. To avoid the need to burn an NFT, be as careful as possible throughout the minting process.

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. Infonet are digital certificates of authenticity that are associated with unique digital information. The certificate is stored on an unchanging database called a blockchain, which is the tech behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Once an NFT has been minted, it exists on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

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