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What Is EsportsPro (ESPRO)? Complete Guide Review About EsportsPro.

What Is EsportsPro (ESPRO)?

EsportsPro are a platform that helps you stay up to date with everything related to esports and competitive gaming. It’s important for to help you express your gaming skills, and do cover a vast range of gaming services from just about any kind of competitive esports gaming. They are also covering online tournaments, team management and tournament sponsorships. Just like you, they live and breathe esports and they love the idea of seeing professional players compete in their favorite sports.

EsportsPro truly believe that everyone can enjoy esports, because they are a lot of fun, you can be very creative here and you can easily showcase your appreciation and love for this kind of stuff at your own pace. EsportsPro cover gaming freelancing services as well as esports tournament sponsorships. They even have free services too. This is the ultimate hub for everything related to the esports industry. They guarantee that you will have an amazing time accessing these services and fulfilling your dream.

They are also encouraging players and even aspiring teams to enter the esports world can help them find the right sponsors. It’s important to follow your dreams as much as you can, and EsportsPro.GG helps you do that very quickly. You get to finally enjoy the esports world how you always wanted. If you want, you can ask us for assistance as you show your worth as a gaming professional.

EsportsPro gives you everything you need to immerse yourself into the world of esports once and for all. Give it a try for yourself and enjoy the ultimate esports hub today. Or you can easily access gaming freelancing services, tournament information, not to mention you can follow all your favorite players.

EsportsPro Storage Key Points

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Total Supply1,000,000,000
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How does it work?

The platform will allow the players to create their own portfolio, allow the esports teams to manage their players and staff, and allow the tournament organizers to organize and manage their tournaments and find sponsorship for their tournaments and for themselves.

What is EsportsPro?

EsportsPro is a gaming sponsorship and tournament platform to connect the gamers and brands from all around the world. It will allow the esports community to find, play, connect, and get sponsorships and players. This platform will open up the opportunity for beginning gamers to overcome their financial difficulties and take their skills to the next career level.

How does the portfolio page work?

The portfolio page is the gamer’s profile page, where they can update their gaming related information that can be looked up by other players, teams, and sponsors to play, invite, or hire them. There are features included to sell your Customized merchandise products and connect with your team members.

How does the team page work?

The team page is for the gamers to brand their teams and for existing teams to manage their staff, players, tournaments, and sponsors. When the team participates in the tournaments or applies for the sponsorship, they can apply with their team page. The admin inside the team members section will be able to edit and manage their team page.

How does the tournament page work?

The tournament page will allow the players and teams to join the tournament and win prizes from the tournament organizers. This page can be created by using the portfolio, team, and organizer’s pages. The created tournament page should be visible from the page that you used to create it. You can create the sponsorship packages on this page, but it’s optional.

Who can be a sponsor?

Anyone can be a sponsor. The sponsor can sponsor any tournament for goodwill, popularity, branding, or for other many reasons. The sponsor can negotiate with the tournament organizers about their audience size and participant’s details and how the organizers are going to promote their brand or name.

How do the sponsorship packages work?

The sponsorship package feature is currently available for tournaments only. The tournament organizer can create sponsorship opportunities for sponsors as often as they want. EsportsPro will place your brand name and logo on your tournament stream, they will post your logo and brand name on your social media with your tournament details.

How does the organizer’s page work?

Organizers can manage their staff, tournament players or team participants, and sponsorship proposals for their particular tournaments.

What are brand sponsors and how do the brand sponsors work?

The brands who would like to get into the EsportsPro community and expand their audience can list their brand details on the platform. This will allow users to apply for sponsorships and the brands will process their applications individually.  The brands listed on the site will accept the application from platform users and they will check the players’ or team/organizer pages to process the applicants for their sponsorship. For further inquiries about brand listings, please contact via

Who can sponsor your tournaments?

EsportsPro local business and restaurants, entrepreneurs, marketers and brands, personal banking providers, internet service providers, mobile network and gaming server providers, gaming equipment and energy Drink suppliers, local governments, TV channels, radio stations, protein brands, gaming cafes, YouTuber friends/influencers, streaming friends/influencers also might be interested to sponsor the online tournaments.

Why does the sponsor need to sponsor your tournament?

Gain prestige, goodwill, raise or improve their profile, reward themselves or their friends, gain access, avoid risks, sell their product, target their product, and get free advertising. What are the benefits your sponsors can get by sponsoring your tournament? Audience exposure or streaming viewers, social media interaction, and probably leads/sales through your sponsored packages.

What are the sponsorship packages that you can create?

Overall tournament naming rights, Logo display on the streaming channel, Shutouts to social media, logo update on tournament email newsletters, naming rights for an award or trophy, and many other opportunities that you can offer to your sponsors.

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