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What Is Enoki Finance (SPORE)? Complete Guide Review About Enoki Finance.

What Is Enoki Finance (SPORE)?

Enoki Finance will provide users with a P2E.(play-to-earn) platform where they can earn tokens, buy and sell NFTs and more. To facilitate growth of Vr-Trinity through sales, marketing and partnerships by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will promote brand recognition.

To ensure a stable and steady growth of Trinity bringing years of experience in the world to Enoki Finance also to support the team and make it a successful experience to your investors. To provide oversight to the CEO and support in creating policies and operational strategies that are communicated to the core team to ensure the core team are aligned with Trinities goals.

Enoki Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEnoki Finance
Short NameSPORE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Early Bonus

  • TRINITY will be creating it’s own launchpad to give the first limited investors the chance to get an edge over the other players.
  • There will be new treasure hunt games as the project develops.
  • TRINITY Gaming platform will give it’s users a chance to earn tokens in the metaverse world which can be sent to their wallets in the real world.

Enoki Finance is a part of the metaverse family of tokens

Enoki Finance Token will be the official token within the game, this is a BEP20 token running on the binance smart chain. A diversified gaming experience keeping the player entertained with reward and the goal of finding the hidden treasure chest. Funds raised from the launchpad will be locked into the liquidity pool for 5 years to create a strong holding price token.

Enoki Finance add to the vault, a user must fractionalize their NFT. This can be done at the point of deposit or separately. After depositing some amount of the NFT, the user will be minted shares of the index. The amount of fractions minted will depend on the amount of fractions deposited and and the total supply of the fictionalized NFT.


In play you can acquire NFTs which will help you along the way, giving you an edge over other players. As you progress you can sell your NFTs to other players, there is only a limited number of clues for sale which results in an increasing value of the NFTs as more people join in and hunt for the clues. The Enoki Finance Gaming platform will give it’s users a chance to earn tokens in the metaverse world which can be then sent to their wallets in the real world.

Technological operation

To build a technical vision of Enoki Finance and ensure a seamless technological operation, allowing Enoki Finance to always be at the forefront of technological advances. Index tokens represent the basket of fractions of assets from a collection and have different mechanics to facilitate 1000 index tokens trading at approximately the floor value for the collections. Index tokens can offer traders liquid and smaller-dollar exposure to the floor value of a collection.


Enoki Finance The price of the index token is determined entirely by the market and supply and demand and the token may trade well above and well above 1/1000th of the floor value of a collection. However, the mechanics described earlier are designed to support the index token tracking a value relative to the floor value of the collection. This is because of the following arbitrage mechanisms.


Enoki Finance 1,000 index tokens are trading below the floor value of the collection and a whole asset is sold from a Bridges lit vault, a trader can swap index tokens for the stale shares and redeem a pro-rata share of the winning bid in SOL, netting a profit. Therefore, if an index token is trading below 1/1,000th of the floor value of the collection asset, there are profitable reasons to buy more index tokens, driving up the price of the index tokens.

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