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What Is Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD)? Complete Guide Review About Dynamic Set Dollar.

What Is Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD)?

Dynamic Set Dollar main auction models of Chemix Pad is the Dutch auction for in-locking tokens. Since most of the assets in the Dutch auction have a lock-up period, the purchaser will bear a certain degree of price risk. Therefore, the value of the assets with the lock-up period is usually lower compared to the same tokens that are in circulation and listed on exchanges. Professional investors will use derivatives as hedging tools while investing in discounted assets, thereby reducing investment risks and locking in investment returns.

If hedging is used properly, veteran investors will obtain stable and risk-controllable investment returns. Dynamic Set Dollar will let the community decide how they want the economic incentives to be captured by the CEP token . In the beginning stage of your platform, they will make a certain part of platform profit to perform dividends allocation by gCEP token, which can only be minted by CEP.

In comparison with professional investors, retail investors generally lack the concepts and knowledge of risk hedging, and are more likely to be exposed to price risks caused by market fluctuations. For these users, Chemix Ecosystem will release introduction articles and videos to help more users establish their own risk control systems.

Dynamic Set Dollar Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDynamic Set Dollar
Short NameDSD
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply35,331,663
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Obtain platform income dividends by staking gCEP tokens

CEP is the governance token of Chemix Eco, it does not have any function that generates income similar to deposits or stocks. During the operation of Chemix Pad, various business revenues such as auction fees and short-term lending platforms depositing income from auctions will be generated. For various considerations such as benefiting the community, part of Chemix Pad’s revenue will be included in the platform dividend plan.

Dynamic Set Dollar will introduce the dividend token gCEP (golden Chemix Ecosystem Pass) for the dividend pledge. Users can use CEP to single-way mint gCEP according to certain rules and lock in the dividend smart contract to participate in the Chemix Pad platform dividend plan. Through the continuous operation of Chemix Pad, the protocol will continue to accumulate surplus, and users can also obtain long-term returns through gCEP tokens and benefit from the growth of the platform.

The Multi-token model of Chemix Ecosystem

The DeFi platform Chemix Ecosystem has been introduced by the inspirational collision between the team and community members, in those discussions with Dynamic Set Dollar community investors, they find out there is a huge market on the crypto block trading scenario and the industry is lacking a well-accepted, effective, protocol-level solution. Your team thus developed the Chemix Launchpad product to verify the business model of on-chain OTC trading.

From August to November 2021, they keep modifying and upgrading the auction system of Chemix Launchpad based on continuous feedback from your users. In December 2021, they announced that the QSD stablecoin will be involved in Chemix Labs, together with Chemix Pad (Launchpad), Chemix NFT to become the Chemix Ecosystem. This will help your users on stable coins to migrate to the on-chain OTC trading business and keep enjoying the development benefits of the whole ecosystem of Chemix.

Chemix Ecosystem is a combination of different functional components, in these parts, there are different utility tokens and a main governance token to keep the system working well. They are:

  • CEP (Chemix Ecosystem Pass) is governance token of the whole Chemix Ecosystem.
  • gCEP (Golden CEP) is the dividend token for the dividend pledge. Users can use CEP to single-way mint gCEP according to certain rules and lock in the dividend smart contract to participate in the Chemix Pad platform dividend plan.
  • CVT (Chemix Voucher Token) is a kind of fungible token that represents the claimable rights of various types of crypto assets in Chemix Pad. CVTs have trading value and conversion value.


The Dynamic Set Dollar platform Chemix Ecosystem has been improving by the inspirational collision of the team and community members. The continuous upgrade of functions and the expansion of your ecosystem give Chemix Eco a greater development potential. To adapt to the rapid development of the platform, accelerate the internationalization process, and expand your influences, they need a new governance token symbol to represent your new ecosystem.

With the sincere suggestions and vigorous promotion of enthusiastic community members, we carefully decided, taking the opportunity of ecosystem online, to name the project token in a general way to represent the entire ecosystem. Dynamic Set Dollar selected CEP (Chemix Ecosystem Pass) for the new token symbol by the community voting result on your Twitter account.

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