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What Is DashLeague Crystals (DLC)? Complete Guide Review About DashLeague Crystals.

What Is DashLeague Crystals (DLC)?

DashLeague Crystals is an AI generated open world fantasy MMORPG where players can buy, sell, trade, battle, farm, mine, and conquer dungeons in order to earn tokens through skilled contributions to an open world ecosystem. DashLeague is built upon the blockchain, player, item and other in-game assets are easily accessible to 3rd parties allowing or them to build their own tools and extensions of the DashLeague ecosystem. Unlike most games, DashLeague has a few key differences.

  1. The currency in DashLeague $DLC, is a utility token which can be exchanged both in and outside of the game, in 3rd party marketplaces, or token exchanges.
  2. Unlike many MMORPGs, DashLeague actually gives you, the ability to express your creativity by creating your own dungeons world that other Dashers can play and earn fees from for access to your created world.
  3. All buildable dungeon worlds are programmatically generated until claimed and regulated by your unique rune system which you can read more about later in this documentation.

DashLeague Crystals Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDashLeague Crystals
Short NameDLC
Circulating Supply35,409,366.00 DLC
Total Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


DashLeague Crystals goal with DashLeague is to build an endlessly playable P2E MMORPG that evolves and enables Dashers to enjoy and build the worlds they desire, while earning tokens for their talent and contributions to the DashLeague universe. They want to create not just a fun game, but to also provide Dashers with the tools and infrastructure in a framework that brings ideas to life, rewards hard work, and celebrates creativity. This aim to release an official 3D version as well as VR & AR toolkits to enable Dashers in future versions of the DashLeague to interact with the real world – including but not limited to the development of cutting edge AR/VR equipment.

How To Play

DashLeague Crystals lives on the Ethereum Blockchain (soon will be multi-chain), in order to get your first character you will want to use the Chrome Browser and download the Chrome Extension – Metamask. If it is your first time interacting with anything in crypto, the first step you are going to want to do is create a Coinbase account and fund it with enough ETH to acquire one DashLeague NFT from the OpenSea marketplace. The final step is to “withdraw” ETH to your metamask wallet and acquire a character on the OpenSea marketplace.

Logging In – For The First Time

Once you have acquired your first DashLeague NFT from the OpenSea marketplace, then you will want to go to (it is important that you check the URL to make sure it is the same due to potential scammers) and connect your Metamask. Once you are connected go to and select the NFT character you want to play – and then have fun, make friends, and raid some dungeons.

$DLC Contract & Deflation

DashLeague Crystals is required to teleport to any dungeon with the exclusion of the “tutorial” dungeon, purchase any in-game items from NPCs, redeem extensions on owned dungeons, and more. When you kill monsters in the game, open chests, sell items, trade with other players, etc. you an earn $DLC which can be traded on any 3rd party exchange for BNB, AVAX, or other coin.

In every in-game interaction, a minimum of 5% of $DLC is burned per transaction. This is done to decrease the supply of $DLC and increase the value of $DLC over time. The in-game treasury is responsible for emissions. Providing the $DLC that is rewarded to players every time a monster is killed during a monster raid, in-game event, etc.

Total supply is owned by the DashLeague Crystals development team

This is to fund the continued game development. DashLeague employs several dozen employees at competitive wages. This fund is slowly depleted by a daily emission schedule of 1% remaining supply per day in order to cover the cost of servers, artists, developers, sound engineers, production managers, AI engineers, and project directors. This slow emission schedule is intentionally low in order to ensure the price stability of $DLC while increasing the public liquidity as the user base grows.

Marketing fund

This percentage is set aside for marketing, event sponsorships, and influencer efforts to increase the demand, support ecosystem, and user base growth of DashLeague Crystals. Efforts may include booths at NFT events, sponsoring exclusive events, social media ads, real-life banners and billboards, merch development, video production and more. This is the limited supply set aside to provide liquidity on the different networks to allow exchanges to trade $DLC for other currencies.

This % will increase over time through the in-game treasury emissions, development and marketing team emissions. The initial $DLC supply will be fixed however bonds will be available to mint additional $DLC through the DashLeague “Treasury” page, allowing Dashers to actively participate in the tokenomics and price stability of $DLC.

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