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What Is D-Drops (DOP) ? Complete Guide & Review About D-Drops

What Is D-Drops (DOP) ?

D-Drops is a Decentralized App that enables users to search for crypto treasures all over the world. Building towards a future where there will be an AR layer over the current physical world where NFTs and other crypto assets thrive and have direct use cases. The knowledge base is created to guide you through the world that D-Drops is building The D-Drops World consists of three components: the app, server, and smart contracts. Each of which has a specific task and purpose. The app provides users with handy tools to find treasures more easily as well as provides a userfriendly interface to the smart contract functions and a wallet to manage your assets. Furthermore, by using the app user can participate in in-game rewards and achievements which in turn can be used to mint exclusive NFTs.

D-Drops The server serves the purpose of picking random validators as well as determining random locations for the treasure chest drops. All this data, however, is only stored in the smart contract thus none of this data is stored on the servers. Another important task of the server is to store the “proof-pictures proof pictures” on the use of which a claim request is validated by the validators. Hence the only data stored on the services are the proof pictures which in and of themselves pose no security issue or lead to any kind of centralization as users could decide to share the pictures through another channel with the validators.

D-Drops (DOP) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameD-Drops
Short Name(DOP)
Circulating Supply153,552,627.00 DOP
Max Supply337,500,000
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Smart Contract

D-Drops smart contracts system is responsible for managing the DOP token, dropping treasure chests, and keeping track of the states of each treasure chest. The most important task of the smart contract system is to decentralize the rewarding system and provide transparency for the community. All assets are stored on their respective smart contracts and the code is open for everybody to read and understand the exact conditions for acquiring treasure chest content. Furthermore, decentralization of the reward system lifts any ambiguity about the fairness of the treasure hunt as well as guarantees the promised reward.


D-DropsThe Tokenomics are set up to create a sustainable project for the long run. The team will hold 10% of the tokens which will have a lock period of 6 months and a vesting period of 1 year. All tokens distributed outside of the private and public sale will have a multi-year release schedule. This will ensure a smooth increase of supply. Partnership tokens will be used to scale and promote the project by collaborating with big brands and implementing new tech solutions to improve the user experience of D-Drops. The events wallet will be used as a price for special events, such as a “New Year’s Hunt” or “Christmas Adventure Chests”.


D-Drops validation system is designed to make D-Drops completely community-driven. Anyone who holds a certain amount of DOP tokens can join the validation process by staking their coins and earning DOP by properly validating claim requests. As of now the required amount to join the validation process is set to 100,000 DOP. The validation of a claim request is conducted by 5 randomly picked validators. Each validator can either submit a “1” to confirm the claim request or a “2” to reject the claim request. The majority i.e., 3 out of 5 votes will count as the final decision for the claim


D-Drops Treasure chests have a few requirements which have to be met for the app to function as stated: • Treasure chests must be stored in the blockchain. • Treasure chests must be hidden for everyone • The treasure chests must be claimable when players are in the vicinity of the treasure chest. • Spoofing and bots should not be able to claim the treasure chest. As stated before, the actual treasure chest location will be hashed making the retrieval of the location impossible through decryption. However, since an approximate position of the hash is given, and an array of hashes are given which indicate the proximity of the user, one can use a targeted brute force attack to find the location of the treasure chest. To make defend the app against these types of attacks, it has been decided to also add a physical location validation through the validation system stated in chapter